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PWA Sept.11 Cambridge fair results

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In front of roughly 60 fans PWA held another show at the Cambridge fair as they did all week.  There were a few other wrestlers(Eddie Osborne,Jeff Black,Tomer Shalom) in attendance who didn’t work I don’t know what the deal was and didn’t ask, another match would’ve been a nice addition to this sort of short card.

Results look like

Rip Impact beat “former child star”Rhys Greenaway.  Rip hit a 619 Rhys missed a moonsault got hit with a sliced bread #2 then a top rope splash for another win for the HIGH RISK HERO!  Michelle Starr gave this match props in my interview with him to be posted soon.

Colin Douglas defeated “The Entertainer”Buck Gunderson.  Gunderson broke his wrist or arm last week at a GNW show in memoriam of Randy Savage with his hand getting caught in the ropes in a battle royal.   So with that said it was impressive enough to see him last as long as he did before the crafty vet Colin Douglas put an end to his entertaining(for the day at least).

RETRO Rex Atkins pinned RARE BREED after a very neon match up.

Butcher Khartoum beat Dallas Carter in a very one sided beating.  The crowd loved it though seeing the big man choke out the much smaller and regular looking Carter who got no love from the crowd(despite probably being the face).

“Gorgeous”Michelle Starr won against Joey Allen.  Starr came out and lap danced a few guys in the audience before making his way to the ring to cheers.  Who would’ve guessed Cambridge would have been so open minded.  I don’t know why that clip won’t embed but you can copy the link or find it at my youtube account

For the PWA championship and the main event match Champion REGGIE MARLEY successfully defended against Derek Platinum(who I’m more used to seeing as KICKIN KYLE BROOX in GWN)

All matches were entertaining enough.  I always like to see a mix of talent on indy shows not just the same guys wrestling their buddies every time.  Any show without a few vets on it usually won’t put my ass in a seat.  I hadn’t seen Butcher or Marley since the late 90’s so it was nice to see how much there still enjoying their passion as well.  Starr was entertaining and a class act I can see why people at Cauliflower Alley this year were hanging on his words at their last event.  The man obviously knows what he’s doing between those ropes hopefully he can return someday to Ontario for a little more fanfare.  I’ll be posting an interview I did with him shortly,stay tuned and see ya at ringside.


MMA at the CNE

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I read on twitter today(you can follow @wtfhwrestling if you want no biggie lol) about a meet and greet event at the Ex today.  I hadn’t gone this year and usually do so why not burn a couple hundred bucks on rides,corndogs and games?  Having more money than brains I ventured out to see Rich Franklin and Mark Hominick to see what they would be there for.  Both of them answered fans questions for a long time none really that interesting to be honest Franklin looked bored and frustrated throughout.  The interview session was followed by a autograph session for a pretty big lineup of  anxious MMA fans.  Fights from both fighters zuffa careers were shown on a big screen facing the line so it wasn’t THAT bad.   I got a Tapout shirt I was wearing signed as well as a random CNE map.  Both fighters seemed to appreciate all that mma has brought them in an openly humble way.  Which if nothing else is a good impression to leave on the next generation.

Other than that the only mma related connection to the EX this year would be the SMASH mma booth in the Direct energy building.  The prices were half price of what they usually sell for in stores.  They had shorts for 10 and muay thai shorts for 20 bucks as well as all the accessories you’d expect from a martial arts company.  I bought a couple items and might review them in the future on here.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a BAD time at the EX(even though I always go home broke)and this was no different.  A little better considering the interviews and autographs but it left me wanting more like some actual fights there.  There’s gambling,alcohol and stadium seating at the EX already.  Why not try and build on todays mma day and push for something really memorable for the fans and impressionable youths and give them some asskicking?

Sounds good to me but then again it always does.

Tito Santana interview

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Max Pro Summer Showdown results

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Sunday June 5th Squared circle wrestling and Maximum pro wrestling held a joint show at the Hangar in Toronto.  Having been to a show the day before my excitement level carried through to this show.  Former TNA knockout Taylor Wilde was in attendance to sign stuff as well Dutt and Tyson as I came in.  Better then that though as I was walking in a very kind woman gave me and my girl two tickets she bought and couldn’t use for free.  The more free wrestling in a weekend the better.

Show started out with a royal rumble style match including Jason Chase,Preston Miles,Alex Vega,Jimmy Garvoche,RJ CITY,Bang bang Pete(for about a second maybe)Pierre Khoury and Decimus.  Khoury won out in the end.

Kiyoshi beat Boris Bresnev Kiyoshi reacted to some fans AKIRA chants early which was probably my favorite part of this match.  Besides all the armworking I dig sometimes.  Boris got misted and kicked hard for the finish.

Jayson Cyprus won a 3way over Michael Elgin and Sonjay Dutt in a 3way with an assist from his sponsor a can of MONSTER energy drink.

The Empire won a 3way tag match over the Super smash brothers and the last second addition to the match the C and C wrestling factory James Champagne and Cody 45.  This match had lots of nice spots the Empires 4 person team was too much for the others though as they found a way to win the newly reinstated BSE tag titles.

THE ALL STARTER BRENT B won a hardfought match against MR Wrestling Kevin Steen.   Which was my match of the night with lots of highflying and brawling moves throughout.

Anthony Fiasco beat Jimmy Garvoche with a flying lungblower(pictured)

In the main event Max pro champ Tyson Dux defended against Pepper Parks following a running DVD(pictured)this match was also very good.  All in all a very solid show from start to finish showing why MAXIMUM PRO WRESTLING remains at the top of the Ontario indy food chain.

GWN may 29 results and “Tyrant”Eric Dawson interview

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GWN took over the Canadian Ukrainian centre in Hamilton Ontario once again on May 2th 2010.

Here are some quick results

Shockwave(Damien and Drake Styles)defeated GWN tag champs The Falcors(without Igor who was banned from ringside)to become the new champs.  After the match a tag team calling themselves the American Titans came out and traded promos with Aftershock who established they were former NWA tag champs quite a few times before they left.  NExt show these teams are locking up for the straps.  Igor sgotta be upset abotu that his team loses and they don’t even get a rematch?

Kickin Kyle Broox beat Igor Sonovovich who came out of a over 3 year retirement to challenge a young Lance Storm protege.   In the end Igor challenged for a rematch winner gets 500$ with champion Donovan Jack O’Shea betting against his biggest nemesis in GWN.

Mic Blackwell and Retro Rex Atkins beat Lord J.n Castle and “Tyrant”Eric Dawson,Dawson was pretty upset his partner lost the match and stormed off angry.

For the womens title ANTI DIVA Kaitlyn Diemond beat champion Jodi D’milo after a little help from Igor.  This was probably the best match which is saying alot for these women since womens matches are usually the less memorable bouts for me.

Baron Mikel Von Lutz w/Igor Sonovovich and “WiLdfire”Tommy Burch wrestled next for Danger boys vacated GWN commonwealth title with Lutz coming out the victor in the end.

In the YOU BRING IT WE SWING IT main event champion SILVERBACK STEVE BROWN retained his title over Donovan Jack O’shea due to a count out.   Lutz and Igor made there presence known numerous times in this one resulting in both getting beaten on by the angry irishman.  O’Shea challenged the HOUSE OF IGOR for the next event on JUNE 26th for a team match in a cage sounds like WAR GAMES TO ME!!!  So if you like old school flavor WAR GAMES or want to see if Kaitlyn Diemond will be able to defend her championship or if Igor will lose 500$ make sure to come out and check out the action you can only find at GWN.

At the event I also caught up with Ontario indy vet TYRANT ERIC DAWSON and discussed his career,tag team aspirations RWA,CWI and thoughts on the indy scene in general check it out.



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If you didn’t know GWN has a big show in Hamilton Ontario on the 29th.   Some matches include…

Dean and Drake Style AKA AfterShock are taking on tag champions THE FALCORS

Tyrant Eric Dawson and Lord J.N Cassell take on the debuting “Rugged”Rex Atkins and his partner GWN favorite “Big” Mic Blackwell in a tag match.

Womens champ Jodi D’milo vs. “Anti diva” Kaitlyn Diemond

GWN commonwealth champion Danger boy(not Wylde) will be in action defending his title against someone from the HOUSE OF IGOR.

and for the Heavyweight title SILVERBACK SHAWN BROWN takes on DONOVAN JACK O’SHEA  in a FANS BRING THE WEAPONS YOU BRING IT WE SWING IT MATCH!!!  Tickets are 8 dollars in advance ten at the door.  If you like old school ‘rassling this should be a no brainer show for you.  OR if you just like bringing weapons to see people get hit with lol.  This show is for YOU!!  Don’t miss out.!/event.php?eid=101632693257462

Ring Of Honor in Toronto,May 7 results

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I’m not going to go too in depth with results but here goes.

In a dark match The Flatliners squashed Rip Impact and Alex Bird  in a match I didn’t catch.

Claudio Castagnoli beat Kyle O’Reilly in a match I was too late to see.

Mike Bennett beat Steve Corino after some distractions at one point Corino bumthumbed Bennetts cornerman funny stuff.

The 6way lucha scramble match was won by Micheal Elgin after samoan dropping two people and pinning them at the same time.  Crowd was really behind Elgin here.  Other participants in this were Rhett Titus,Adam Cole,Andy Ridge,Thomasso(w/the the embassy)and Grizzly Redwood.  Lots of highspots and dives here.  Good to see Elgin coming into his own as a force in indy wrestling.

Davey Richards beat Kenny King in a really good match with a couple botched moves that seemed to upset Davey as he went back behind the curtain pissed.

Colt Cabana beat Delirious in a Larry Sweeney memorial match that was a little short for being in someones memory.  I thought this one would be at least twenty minutes with lots of Sweeney style stuff btu they only did a few and kept the show moving which kind of depressed me really.  I wanted more is all I guess.  It was good to see Delirious back eitherway though.

El Generico defeated the ROH TV champion Christopher Daniels in a non title match that was alot of fans MOTN.

ROH tag champions “the Worlds Greatest Tag team”Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin beat the Briscoe brothers.  My girlfriend refferred to Mark as the bloody Briscoe because she always sees him bleed.  I liked that this match too.  Lots of double teams and strong action.

In the main event World Champion Eddie Edwards defended against Chris Hero in a wild match that was deserving of the headline spot on this show despite the co main event maybe having bigger names in it.  The worst part of this match was when a fan (at the back near the curtain)started booing Edwards saying he wasn’t a good champ and got suckerpunched by Davey Richards(through the curtain) and escorted out of the event.  Since this was the last match it really left a bad taste in my mouth about what I just saw.  I showed up late so I hadn’t set up any interviews but I waited outside with some people and shot the shit eventually wrestlers showed up and I was encouraged to hit them up TMZ style.  So I did and heres what I came up with

To be honest I felt shitty after bugging so many people I felt like a telemarketer or something*shudder* it was good to see other people I’d spoken to in the past remembered me though.   I always suspect since I never recognize people they won’t recognize me but its not always so.  I didn’t see as many indy wrestlers in the crowd as I usually do there.  Hopefully Ontario can get more guys on there upcoming shows in the area because if the Hart family taught them anything Canada supports Canada.   Look how well Elgins doing thats what they need more of fresh hybrid wrestlers who can work any style and legitimately get support.  Thats just rambling though.  Check back for a bunch of pictures in the next couple of days.