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PWA Sept.11 Cambridge fair results

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In front of roughly 60 fans PWA held another show at the Cambridge fair as they did all week.  There were a few other wrestlers(Eddie Osborne,Jeff Black,Tomer Shalom) in attendance who didn’t work I don’t know what the deal was and didn’t ask, another match would’ve been a nice addition to this sort of short card.

Results look like

Rip Impact beat “former child star”Rhys Greenaway.  Rip hit a 619 Rhys missed a moonsault got hit with a sliced bread #2 then a top rope splash for another win for the HIGH RISK HERO!  Michelle Starr gave this match props in my interview with him to be posted soon.

Colin Douglas defeated “The Entertainer”Buck Gunderson.  Gunderson broke his wrist or arm last week at a GNW show in memoriam of Randy Savage with his hand getting caught in the ropes in a battle royal.   So with that said it was impressive enough to see him last as long as he did before the crafty vet Colin Douglas put an end to his entertaining(for the day at least).

RETRO Rex Atkins pinned RARE BREED after a very neon match up.

Butcher Khartoum beat Dallas Carter in a very one sided beating.  The crowd loved it though seeing the big man choke out the much smaller and regular looking Carter who got no love from the crowd(despite probably being the face).

“Gorgeous”Michelle Starr won against Joey Allen.  Starr came out and lap danced a few guys in the audience before making his way to the ring to cheers.  Who would’ve guessed Cambridge would have been so open minded.  I don’t know why that clip won’t embed but you can copy the link or find it at my youtube account

For the PWA championship and the main event match Champion REGGIE MARLEY successfully defended against Derek Platinum(who I’m more used to seeing as KICKIN KYLE BROOX in GWN)

All matches were entertaining enough.  I always like to see a mix of talent on indy shows not just the same guys wrestling their buddies every time.  Any show without a few vets on it usually won’t put my ass in a seat.  I hadn’t seen Butcher or Marley since the late 90’s so it was nice to see how much there still enjoying their passion as well.  Starr was entertaining and a class act I can see why people at Cauliflower Alley this year were hanging on his words at their last event.  The man obviously knows what he’s doing between those ropes hopefully he can return someday to Ontario for a little more fanfare.  I’ll be posting an interview I did with him shortly,stay tuned and see ya at ringside.


Things I miss about PRIDE

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For the last few weeks I’ve been schooling one of my friends on all the PRIDE fighting classics I can think of.  In celebration of me going back over almost  ten years worth of nostalgia I thought I’d post a few things I miss about Pride.  And ya I know DREAM exists but its just not the same damnit!!


The biggest thing I miss about PRIDE FC is the kicks to a grounded opponent.  Who doesn’t love seeing a headkick in a fight?  Then why not love Shogun Rua soccer kicking the brains out of someone?  Fighting on the ground is alot more accessible to the mainstream knowing the guy lying on top can get up and kick the guys skull in.

The second thing I miss most about Pride was there attitude towards FREAK FIGHTS lol.  Most MMA companies look for the most talented athletes available.  UFC won’t even sanction womens mma under the prehistoric idea its seen as a sideshow.   PRIDE however seemed to find the most outlandish so called fighters and put them to the test against equally unusual opponents.  Butterbean,Bob Sapp,Giant Ochai(RIP),Giant Silva,Hong man Choi or anyone else signing on to fight Ikuhisa Minowa lol.  Zuluzinho and Sentoryu being the most useless to come to mind.  PRIDE never slacked on strangely matched up bouts.  I’m sure if they were still alive and kicking they’d be trying harder than Ken himself possibly to push the upcoming Ken Shamrock James Toney fight,which isn’t a fight I’d actually like to see but is still in the wacky mindset I miss from Japans biggest MMA giant.

Classic Championshiop Wrestling Tillsonburg fair results

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Classic Championship Wrestling made its yearly return to the Tillsonburg fair  Saturday night.  A fan in the audience told me of a past encounter at the fair between Tyson Dux and Jake O’Reilly which he thought was the best wrestling match he’d seen live.  No doubt the good folks at CCW would try and outdo that show with the nights action.  Every match but the first happened in some degree of rain, a dark cloud passed over during the Lancastershire cup match in a pretty scary “o shit are we gonna get wet” moment.  The rain held off until just before the main event a CAGE MATCH I was hoping could be turned into an ELECTRIFIED  CAGE MATCH but no such luck.

The first match was a gauntlet match for CCW womens champion Cherry Bomb who first beat Ianna Titus with a lone superkick in about 5 seconds.  The second fall was Cherry pinning Courtney Rush.   This part of the match was the best wrestling wise with some nice exchanges.  The last fall was Cherry dropkicking a bent over in the turnbuckle Evilyn for a quick 3.

CEZAR won the newly vacated Lancastershire cup over Jake O’reilly.  The l cup rules are not very fan friendly as soon as this match was announced a number of fans in the audience sounded pretty pissed off saying these matches are always boring.  They have a rounds system with multiple falls and I agree its not that interesting I don’t know where the gimmicks going either.

The Big money titans lost to Adam Jacobs and his mystery partner who turned out to be Tito Santana.  The Titans had control for most of the match even with some help from Big Money but couldn’t get past Tito once he got a hot tag.

Sabu beat Michael Elgin

Freak Show vs. Bloody Bill Skullion was the next match and they did pretty much the same stuff as the last time I saw them wrestle last September.  It was good then and good still I know they’re wrestling more times in the next month maybe they’ll change it up a little more next time.  The finish was Freakshow reversing a move onto a flaming chair Bill had set up.

CCW champion Daemon Reznor defended his title in a wild last man standing match that was originally advertised as a first blood match.  The two fought into the stands and eventually Deaner got hit with a chair got back up before the ref could notice as Evilyn knocked Deaner back down causing him to lose.

As they  set up the cage for the main event CCWs favorite army official came out and challenged anyone in the crowd to do 20 push ups.  I went to the washroom at this point as I know anyone can do 20 push ups lol.  I also went to check out the petting zoo which had baby monkeys,those inbred mini goats you’ve gotta feel sorry for and some Australian critters that were pretty cute (if your into that kinda thing)

In the main event Jay mcDonald beat Danger boy Derek Wylde in a cage match this match was held because Wylde had kicked a camera out of Mcdonalds wifes hand at the last Tillsonburg CCW show.  At one point Wylde tried escaping out of the cage but got the door slammed on him by Jays wife.  Someone in the crowd behind me tapped me and said I sell a better slam than Mcdonald but I didn’t know how to feel about that.  Its cool he saw my youtube chop video BUT if your comparing my slam to his I know mine was really the shits lol.  He teaches a school too apparently maybe the locals should save their money and try and go to London to train with Wylde or hit up Windsor for Dux.  Anyways the finish saw Jay climb the cage Wylde fought him off a little but sent him to the outside of the cage.  Where CCWs president fell through a ringside table from the top of the cage.  I hadn’t seen a spot like that in awhile was good to see some hardcore being put throughout this show.  The end was a good finale to a night of hardcore wrestling with some classic style wrestling thrown in as well.

After the show I went and did an interview with legend Tito Santana you can catch here soon.  Altogether this show was one of the best I’d seen in awhile being a fan of the hardcore wrestling genre.  Lots of shows have one specialty match and leave it at that,I liked this one had a few specialty matches and no lag in entertainment.  I would’ve put the womens match and Sabus match later but those are the only changes I would’ve made and maybe some more time and offense for Elgin.  Their next show will be hard to top this but I’m sure their upto the challenge check out for more info on the promotion and upcoming fair dates near you hell they might even be free.

Sabu vs 2 Cold Scorpio ladder match’99

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  From CWA at Midevil times in Toronto a highlight of this match for me was when they battled at the top of the ladder and 2 cold hit some kind of pyro that sparked.  Another highlight at this show was hanging out near the back curtains listening to sabu and 2 cold shit on some of the local talent I had seen since 5 years old.   As they planned out there match I laughed out loud at one point and Sabu looked around the corner at me and swore he didn’t think it was funny as I did.  A low point at that show was a fan jump kicking another fan in the stands.   Or it could’ve been a work the kick looked nice lol.

Joe E Legend vs.”Bloody”Bill Skullion in a CAGE!!

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  A Ring N Ears one night tournament final saw these two Ontario legends lock up w/Bill winning in the end I think lol.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Ring n Ears was the shit!!! The Opera House is my favorite venue for anything too,so maybe that helps but RING N EARS was hands down my favorite series of events.

ICW 97′(?) pics

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I could dig and find out the exact year this was but I care not too even though my ticket was signed by Tatanka,the bushwhackers and dan the beast severn lol.  Pictured are Carlos Ortega splashin a debuting(?)ERIC YOUNG,Duke the dumpster Droese(former mr 500 lol),the new Headshrinkers,Dan the beast (whos mustache I always found to be more Freddy Mercury then the magnum I think he was trying for)w/his NWA title and the funniest faced fan I’ve ever seen lol.  That guy was nuts and REALLY drunk screaming for “ARMBARS” “RAKE HIS BACK,RAKE HIS BACK” also Ontario indy mainstay of the time King Kong Bundy wrestled Geza Kalman on this show too winning with his patented 5 count.

Terry Funk vs Abdullah the butcher from AWFs Scar Wars

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  Another star studded AWF main event from the SCAR WARS show.  My boy won a free t shirt and wore it for gym forever thats why I remember the shows name(i gave him the answer still).  This show was pretty good form beginning to end some fans marked out cuz Kanyon(r.i.p) was there in the audience but I didn’t go anywhere near him.  I did get that autographed Terry Funk t from a previous post there though.