2012s Horror rebirth..Its about damn time.

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As an avid horror fan I’ve been depressed about it for the last few years left with only crummy remakes(The Crazies was a cool exception) and stylistic garbage for children(Paranormal,Twilight etc..).  I think The Walking Dead really breathed new life into the genre to the mainstream public as well as American Horror Story being too great to hate(also for free).  The Possession was long awaited for me due to Sam Raimi’s name being attached but didn’t live upto any hype I’d built up for it,Sinister on the other hand surprised me and won me over with small nuances such as the soudntrack really bringing me into the atmosphere they created.  With my faith in the Raimi brand slighted a little I wasn’t expecting too much from the Evil Dead remake THEN I saw the railer.  If you haven’t seen it already check it out.


Another chainsaw favorite of mine is making a reboot to the screw with TEXAS CHAINSAW 3-D coming out in the first week of January.  With a return from Bill Moseley and all the original family members making appearances I don’t see how this could be anywhere near the crappyness of TCM:the beginning or the sequel with Renee Zelweger in it lol.  The casting of Neyo doesn’t scream casting genius either but in a slasher movie as long as there’s blood and some creative violence I’ll be happy.

On the topic of creative violence any gore fan circa 2012 has to be excited about the sequel coming out on the 30th as well THE COLLECTION.  Collecting where The Collector finished the writers of the Saw sequels continued on with their masked character wreaking more havoc than in the first movie(originally written as a SAW prequel)and upping the bar for the played out torture gore genre.

The Carrie and Chucky remakes out next year also intrigue the horror fan in me but not as much as the rebirths of two of my favorite chainsaw classics.  Here’s hoping these titles can continue to breath new life into the culture and not just in the way of opening doors to new big budget blockbusters(WWZ) and generic found footage flicks.


Score Fighting Series 7 match listing

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The Score Fighting Series show approaching the end of the month at Hamilton Place is shaping up nicely here are a few of the fights you can expect to see.

Ryan Dickson(4-0) vs. Brandt Dewsbery(10-1)

Kevin Morin(6-4)vs.Alex Ricci(5-1)

Josh Hill(9-0)vs. Rafael Rebello(9-4)

Jesse BODYSNATCHER Ronson vs. Ryan Healy(23-11)

Jordan Mein (25-8)vs. Forrest Petz(25-9)

The posters have Will Romero and Adam Assenza on them as well so expect to see those two exciting fighters do work as well.


Nov.2nd Canadian MMA

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I’m probably a day or week late but if you’re a Canadian MMA fan and want to check out some fights tonight.  AFC is having AFC 12 tonight which you can watch with streaming ppv here   http://aggressionfc.com/ppv    Hamilton fighter Joel Powell is on the card so best of luck to him even though he didn’t make weight.  They have a show the next day with John Alessio and Kendall Grove on it as well but I’m not sure how you can watch it.

As well Bellator makes its return to Ontario tonight with the finals of the Heavyweight tournament(I gotta go with Hale cause he follows me on twitter lol) as well as Ryan Ford reppin’ for Ontario.  Thats streaming free from 7pm at


SMASH Inception results

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GTA wrestling fans got a treat last weekend with the debut of a new promotion SMASH Wrestling.  The show ran at the E zone which is part sports bar part amusement center(if thats what you call a place with bumper car basketball,laser tag and lots of vid games/arcade stuff)the only thing missing was hot bar staff lol.

The crowd seemed pretty into most of what happened.  Notables included Jimmy Korderas and Sweet Daddy Siki.  I really noticed how much there are some fans at shows that need someone on the opposite side of the ring to really bring out there cheers(or shut them down)here maybe I need to take up this role*shrugs*.  I wasn’t too vocal myself due to a large bump I had gotten on my right cheek from a mouth infection(otherwise I might have tried for an interview)which could have kept me from going.  I also said I would help with this show but all I did was word of mouth and drag my girl on her bday lol.  It would’ve been a better present for me though considering my bday was the next day.  Either way the turn out looked good and as far as interviews go Smash got Cross to do interviews with all sorts of shows leading to this so I felt like what else could I ask anyways that wouldn’t come off as me having a giant UWA hard on lol.

As I walked in a dark match  was on with Cecil Nyx beating Chaz Lovely.  Both aren’t too regularly in the area Nyx more so but it wasn’t a bad outing from what I saw.  Nyx didn’t sell that he was a face that much and my girl thought he was Jason Chase for a minute lol.

The first official match of the night featured Lance Storm and Squared Circle trained Alex Vega facing ROHs Tedarius Thomas.  This was the highflying kickfilled match up one would envision.  The two both came out as fan favorites which can kill some of my enjoyment of a match but these two blasted at each other enough everyone was a fan of both by the end of the match.  The finish saw Vega hit his finish for the win which is some kind of spinning flatliner.

Following that bout we saw women’s action featuring Ontario’s Leah Von Dutch taking on an amazon from Quebec Vanessa Kraven.  I hadn’t seen Kraven in a few years and she looked pretty much the same.  When IWS was one of the top indys I watched pretty much all of their shows off of torrents so its always good to see familiar faces live.  Kraven dominated the much smaller but more popular LVD for most of the match which she eventually won via spinning powerbomb.  I guess since Elgin was off the show we still needed to see a spinning powerbomb sometime tonight lol.

The match following featured a little more controversy than the first couple this bout saw the usually pissed off John Greed welcoming the Handicapped Hero Gregory Iron into Ontario with a pretty lopsided beat down which eventually ended in a double count out.  After the match had been decided a count out Greed took it upon himself to hit the youngster with his finisher(twice after a one more time chant)and further handicap the man more than before.  This match wasn’t anything special to say BUT I enjoyed the different finishes on this show.  It can become tedious to watch a card of 8 matches with similar finishes or constant 20 plus minute matches that try to top the last almost half hour match you saw generally resulting in a burnt out and bored crowd.  This match was probably 5 minutes or so the last couple just over 7 minutes maybe.  Less can be more and it was good to see Smash was aware of that.

More Quebec natives would shine in the next match up as Matthieu St Jacques  took on the 8 bit superstar PLAYER UNO.  Uno always excites whether in his tag team the super Smash Brothers or alone so he seemed a very suitable replacement for Unbreakable Michael Elgin who couldn’t attend.  After seeing St.Jacques in action I can see why he was originally booked against Elgin and I wouldn’t mind seeing them in the future BUT Uno was too much for Matthieu this night making him tap to the dreaded sharpshooter.

Next up we got what I thought would be the main event in Textbook Tyson Dux locking up with The Hacker Scotty O’Shea.  Hacker walked out with a laser tag gun and vest which he placed on a fan at ringside which was a nice touch to his nerdy character.  This was quite the strong style high flying affair.  Probably worth catching on DVD if such a thing comes out.  I know they were taping for Rogers cable as well which is why I politely didn’t tape and post this match to be seen here(even though I wanted too :P).  Both men eventually wore each other out and were back to back on the ground(pictured) not realizing the time that had went by both men found themselves in a time limit draw.  The lead face of SMASH management Curtis Yantha came out and announced at the January show there would be a return match but didn’t give the men the extra five(and ten)minute continuation the fans were chanting so eagerly for.  This was surely a MOTN contender.  It was another face vs face match but that held no relevance after all the dust had cleared.

Tag action took over the E zone next with the newly formed/formerly VIP OVERDOGS(Sebastian Suave and Josh Alexander)w/Selezia Sparx meeting the fellow newly formed team of Abe ACTION Jackson and Preston Miles.  Alexander has been building a rep as one of Ontario’s finest for awhile as has Suave in his recent travels but the younger team really held their own here.  Preston Miles has been mostly seen by me in “jobber” kind of roles by promoters locally but in the few times I’ve seen him given the ball he runs with it like few others can.  With that said Jackson also has proven himself in a short period of time to be a gamer who can excel in any sort of situation.  Needless to say this was an entertaining bout.  The finish saw Sparx distract the ref letting Suave low blow Miles leading Alexander to go for his double underhook piledriver on Abe with Suave going off the top rope and making it a SPIKED piledriver which was a vicious ending to a well put together match.  Sparx looked good as well not in ring good but physically she’s really made a difference in her build and is quite leaner than she’s been in the past here’s hoping she can get injury free for awhile and get back in the ring sometime soon.

The main event we’d all been waiting for was next with local high flyer Brent Banks facing former UWA champ/Tough Enough contestant Matt Cross(who came out to chants of M DOGG 20)in another face vs face match.  This was my personal MOTN these two delivered a memorable outing I won’t soon forget and should be caught on DVD if anyway possible.  I would have taped this as well but out of respect I didn’t.  Eventually after a grueling battle Cross hit his token shooting star press and got the 3 count.  The crowd was pretty electric for the finish as well as for the flagpole press no one else does.  Post match Cross got the mic and put over Ontario as feeling like home from driving here monthly and  taking in the energy that only existed in UWA.  He then went on to compare that energy to the energy there tonight.  Could SMASH be the next UWA hardcore?  I know some people already think of A1 as being that but the problems listed in the end of my comments on Greed/Iron and the WWE style cheese they inject in their storytelling hold them back from ever being near that level.  Smash though might be able to make that claim, Cross also put over Banks as a tough competitor offering his hand to Brent for a shake but Banks declined and walked to the back.  A rematch certainly wouldn’t be the last thing fans want to see even though I’d like to see Banks show his skills and possible new attitude in a warm up match before another meeting of the two.

At the end of the night it was a good show.  The sports bar area had the Hell in a cell ppv on multiple screens as well as a big projection screen.  The food was pretty good despite the lackluster service(who I’m guessing hadn’t thought they would have as much crowd as they did)the help were fives(at best) as well which don’t usually get good tips lol.  Either way I’m heading back to the E zone for January 6th when Smash makes its return.

Zombie Walk 2012

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Here are some pics from the Hamilton Zombie Walk taken October 27th 2012.  I also made a vid on my youtube account on how we made the baby seen in the first pic if you want to search that.   Enjoy and have a happy halloween.

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Jordan Mein vs. Forrest Petz set up for SFS 7

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MMA returns to Hamilton with Ontarios finest talent airing live on AXSTV.

Alex Ricci,Josh Hill,Will Romero,Jesse Ronson and Ryan Dickson are all also on the card so far.

Tapout Burlington grand opening line up changed

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Previously the main attraction was former HW champion Cain Velasquez but due to a conflict of interest with sponsorship.  Cain has been replaced with Brendan Schaub,Rory Macdonald and former StrikeForce champion Jake Shields.

As well as the previously scheduled NO GI seminar with UFCs Mark Bocek,which is limited to 40 spots and filling up.  You can register for the free seminar by e-mailing info@tapoutburlington.  Heres the facebook link if you need any more info.   https://www.facebook.com/events/144612872347551

See you there.