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The return of STRANGLEHOLD!!

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Ontario’s most hardcore promotion returns!!!

STRANGLEHOLD PRO WRESTLING makes it’s return to the wrestling scene with one of the most anticipated events of 2017.
Street Fights, Midgets and Half Dressed Women!!!

Ticket Prices:
– V.I.P. Crimson Pass – $50. (Includes Front Row Seating, Pre Show Meet and Greet with Wrestlers, Autographed 11×17 Full Color Show Poster, Access to the Shane Douglas Pro Wrestling Seminar that afternoon.)
– Advance General Admission – $15.
– General Admission at the Door – $20.

IMPORTANT: The Entire Event Will Be Filmed For A Music Video. By Entering The Venue, You Are Agreeing To Appear In The Video Without Expectation Of Compensation.


Zombie Walk 2012

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Here are some pics from the Hamilton Zombie Walk taken October 27th 2012.  I also made a vid on my youtube account on how we made the baby seen in the first pic if you want to search that.   Enjoy and have a happy halloween.

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Overeem hits Ontario

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IF you want to actually train with the heavyweight great THE REEM Alistair Overeem you can at Joslins MMA the day before the UFC event in Toronto. 


My Wrestle Krisis experience

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A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to attend the return of the wackiest indy to hit Ontario that isn’t Chikara.  The last show they had ended with Mortal Kombat bad guys stomping out the Super Mario crew.  The MK guys seemed to want to take over even adding the K in Crisis this time.  A grudge match was expected little did I know the lengths each teams leader would take in the main event.

First off I got to The Underground cinema late I had missed 3 matches.  I heard they featured a foot ninja,a power ranger and some other equally odd characters.  As I walked in a team match was going on with ELMO and PRINCESS PEACH fighting off a team of Mortal Kombat baddies who had one or two extra team members.  This match got evened out by run ins by Waldo and Chuck Norris.  Elmo won with a Canadian destroyer off the top rope.  After the match VENOM came out and strangled the large muppet.  It crossed my mind he might be trying to connect his symbiote to the fluffy puppet but that didn’t happen instead SPIDER MAN came out for the save.

Spider man beat Venom in the next match.  Venom was cool BUT I try to distance myself at WrestleKrisis from who people are under their masks.  Unfortunately Venoms voice was a little too easy to recognize even though I like the worker underneath the mask *shrugs*.

YOUNG FIT AND STUPID PRETTY Tyler Tirvas came out next with Mr. Saki (who was last seen at WC as a zombie)and cut an exhausting to listen to promo.  I like Tirva but this got a little boring he eventually called out SMITH HART from the crowd who accepted reluctantly and lost to a quick lowblow Hart got back in the ring and put a whooping on Saki.  

I think I’m forgetting a match but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was owell.

IN THE MAIN EVENT Wrestle Crisis’ favorite son MARIO took on Mortal Kombats evil boss SHAO KHAN.  This match got pretty hardcore for being on a show with Elmo.  A chair,barbed wire bat and fireball all came into play.  The finish saw Mario hitting 3 separate top rope doublestomps on his foe each on a different weapon.  This match was fun for a bit but it got to be so back and forth that most fans seemed bored.  Hardcore can be really intense when done well but if its just you hit me this then I’ll hit you with it becomes less interesting.  Marios desperation fireball seemed like a finish to me yet the match seemed to go on and on.  I liked this match and its always good to see people wrestle outside the box but I think they lost the majority of the crowd.  One fan after the match started chanting thank you Mario but I think people were just happy to leave.  After this I headed to Yonge and Dundas square and took in some good ol fashion hip hop.  I arrived as Action Bronson was on stage and immediately got right to the front and stayed there for Killer Mike Raekwon and Ghostface Killah a good day no doubt.  I just wish I could’ve seen the opening matches and got the pics off my phone which is the reason for the delayed review. 

CCW tour season

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Just one poster form the stacked Summer series the good folks from CCW are bringing us within the next few months. Check out for more info and match listings the tour starts tomorrow in Sarnia and Continues on Sunday in Tillsonburg with a pretty solid line up.

GWN returns next weekend

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GWN Wrestling returns to the Ukrainian Cultural Centre,241Kenilworth Avenue North in Hamilton with another great card on April 29(Doors open 1 PM,bell time is 1:30).This card is to benefit the East Hamilton Soccer Association. Specifically,the East Hamilton
under 10 Boys Select Soccer,and East Hamilton under 13 Boys Select Soccer.

Already signed-GWN Heavyweight Champion DONOVAN JACK O SHEA takes…
on GWN Commonwealth Champion TOMMY ‘WILDFIRE”BURCH(with adviser
IGOR SONOVAVICH),in a rematch from October 2011,but the first one on one encounter between the two since Burch’s change of attitude,and O Shea’s regaining the Heavyweight Title from SILVERBACK SHAWN BROWN.This match has been ordered by the GWN Championship Commitee to take place as 2/3 Falls!

For the first time ever A LADDER MATCH for the GWN Ladies Championship


Also,the GWN Tag team Titles will be on the line as REVELATION(Reck and Ruin)take on the challenge of AFTERSHOCK(Damien and Drake Styles)

Also scheduled-DANGER BOY returns to take on THE PRETTY BAD BOY TIM COPELAND,and ROCKY “BAM BAM”GIOVANNI battles “MAD DOG” MIKE EMORY. Advance Tickets are 8 Dollars and can be obtained now,phone 905-522-3857

Bellator 64 live thoughts

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This past Friday Bellator returned to Ontario with another offering of MMA for the rabid Ontario fans.  The event was held at Caesar’s Windsor which is a casino with an event center not too much unlike Casinorama where Bellator has been running in the past.  The big difference being geographical where Rama is in the middle of Ontario Windsor is right next to Michigan.  As expected there were a couple fights in the crowd.  I didn’t pay much attention to them but people near me thought they were better then the Ben Askren title fight.  I’ve read the crowd caught some flack on other MMA websites for being too vocal as well.  In the last fight a guy from Toronto was being booed over an American,it seemed backwards to me but to each their own and the parking lot had lots of U.S plates.  I personally didn’t mind the crowd I liked the energy which has been lacking at past Rama events where the crowd made up for some boring spots Friday.  

The first fight of the night was one I was looking forward to as Taylor Solomon was taking on Jason Fischer.  I had no idea who Fischer was but look forward to seeing Taylor whenever he’s in action.  His 3-4 record doesn’t really convey his fighting spirit,hopefully it won’t scare promoters away from the young Port Dover prospect.  He got choked out with only seconds to go in the 3rd round which sounds unimpressive but seemed natural live seeing the time they’d put in the cage already. 

2nd fight saw Montreals Nordine Taleb outclass Matt Secor in a 3 round point war some expect from Bellator.

Chris Horodecki came out hyped for his fight.  I’d not heard of his opponent but assumed with his last Bellator outings they would bring in someone equally impressive to see if BFC is a good fit for him.  His opponent was a very game Mike Richman who came out looking ready to kill and a full weight class smaller than Horodecki(who many think should fight lighter).  My girlfriend took one look at Richman and said Horodecki was getting knocked out a minute and twenty three seconds later that came true.  This was probably the most impressive display of the night especially with it not being a decision like the ones we were all expecting later on.

  Chad Laprise scored a triangle to tap out Josh Tavierne in the first round for the last Spike streamed fight before the live TV coverage.

The first televised fight saw Rodrigo Lima lose a point for 2 illegal low kicks and a decision to Japans Hiroshi Nakamura.  At the end of the third round I thought Limas illegal kicks might have made the fight a tie but the judges gave the fight to Nakamura.  Who is the more experienced bigger name to add to their next event.  If Lima really wanted this fight he should have tried to work outside the Bellator tournament mindset of surviving a tournament and going all out for the win.

Travis Marx won the next bantamweight tournament match beating Masakatsu Ueda.  I thought this fight could have been judged either way as well as all the tourney matches but owell.  I didn’t catch all of the second roudn so that could have made a big difference as well.  Someone in my row said Marx looked like me on the monitor and I said I don’t walk around with my mouth open that much.  Luckily Marx didn’t have it smashed closed like I thought might happen.

Next was the first fight were people started booing.  Last time Marlon Sandro fought in Canada he also received a lot of boos for not pushing his fight,this was no different.  His opponent Alexandre POPO Bezzarra kept Sandro at bay and got a knock down from a spinning backfist amongst other strong offense.  The problem being his respect level for Sandro was so high he never really went out of his way to really keep it on Sandro and not play the points game that is a Bellator tournament.  My section all booed at the decision for Sandro as did most of the crowd.  Some people on the net found it offensive but if they spent money to see a fight that looks so good on paper fizzle out to bad judging they’d boo too.

The TV main event was Ben Askren lying on top of previous tournament winner Douglas Lima for 5 rounds.  This was when more people either fought in the stands left or started booing harder.  My girl thought the next two fights where both better than the last two,she probably just preferred seeing a finish.

Locals Lance Snow and Kyle Prepolec fought next with Snow getting tapped to a armlock out of a triangle position. 

The last after main event “prelim” saw Elias Theodorou punish Rich Lictawa for 2 rounds before winning by TKO in the third.  This was a much better performance than Elias had last time in the cage at the last SCORE show I attended(but didn’t write about).  There he showed us his work on his ground game and maintained dominant positions and scored a decision win.  Here he showed more of his Muay thai prowess and kept Lictawa set up for more shots until Liktawa had nothing left for the now 4-0 Elias. 

A pretty impressive finish to a somewhat annoying card.  All the local fights represented and showed and proved but the tournament fights took away so much steam by the second one we were all pretty tired of the hesitation to finish their competition.  Its obvious that the tournament fights are fighting a different class of fighter than the locals but the locals definitely showed the Bellator vets how to get a reaction from a crowd and put on a show.  I hope the next BFC show in Ontario May 4th is better with Akihiro Gono vs. Micheal Chandler Ben Saunders vs. Brian Baker  Ryan Ford vs. Luis Santos and David Rickels vs. Karl Amoussou on the tv portion of the show and more quality locals on the undercard.  Denis Puric told me his next fight was scheduled for Bellator maybe we’ll see his return then as well.