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Independent wrestling manager and “Rasslin rants and reviews” host Mike BIG MONEY McKeirnan was reported deceased today by Classic Championship Wrestling and his relatives via facebook.  My condolences go out to his family.  I’m not too sure how it happened but will clear that up if I find out.  Mike had lots of love for the business seen ringside at many events as well as leading his men to battle with his trademark outfit pictured above.  He also made himself very available to the fans as well which is a nice touch for someone who’s supposed to be such a bad guy in the ring.  The last time I saw him he was escorting his team to war against Tito Santana and their often nemesis Adam Jacobs,that match or the CCW show where he got superfly splashed by Jimmy Snuka were probably his career highlights.  REST IN PEACE


R.I.P “Macho Man”Randy Savage

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Last week my mom and I were talking about the CWI show coming up and if I was attending and I answered the only way I”m going is if they up the ante and bring in Savage(as well as Hogan).  We laughed and the conversation moved on the next day she called me to say he passed on.  How come life always works that way you remember someone who brings back memories of happy times and bang there gone.  To me few wrestlers could really engage me in what they were doing as a small kid thinking it looked silly and fake more often then not.   Savage was the guy that broke me out of that though with his intensity and wildness being something I hadn’t encountered before and haven’t since.  As well I loved hating him which was odd because as much as I worried for Elizabeth I still loved the guy too much to want him to lose.  Messed up huh?   A kid accepting woman pushing over Hulkamania lol.  My dad felt similar to me about “the mach” and he was one of the few workers that bridged the gap between the old school stuff he loved and the top rope kind of stuff I enjoy.  With all that said he did alot in his career and even his WCW run was memorable which few ex WWF employees can say.  Hopefully he can make it into the WWE HOF now, sad it took Vince being able to leech money off his name to make him a “legend” in there eyes.

R.I.P Larry Sweeney

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Monday April 11th  pro wrestling manager/wrestler SWEET N SOUR Larry Sweeney was found after taking his own life.  Anyone who had seen Larrys work could see the passion he put into every match or promo.  his work with Sweet n Sour Inc in ROH had many classic moment sof both comedy and classic bad guy teamwork the game had been missing for so long.  trained by Chris Hero he spent alot of time wrestling alongside him in different promotion they would both work including Chikara,CZW UWA HARDCORE etc.   My favorite moment with him was a live one at UWA HARDCORE when he took on Eddie Kingston in a strap match that brought back the energy of a Dusty Rhodes/Flair epic.  I was edge of my seat for this sillyness the whole match and I hope wherever Larry is now he’s happier then he was on earth.   The industry truly lost one of its best characters so heres my r.i.p for the man who brought validity to the texarkana championship(finally!!).

Sully’s Gym

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This is where most of the AWF roster came from training wise.  Edge,Christian and Swinger all made it to the big time from this gym.  Training under AWFs Ron Hutchison who I believe is running a show on Halloween you might want to check out.  Unfortunately Sully’s Gym has closed down.  Rob Fuego has picked up where Sullys left off w/his Squared Circle facility as being the premier gym in the GTA.  I’ve never been there though so no pics of that place lol.

R.I.P one of Canada’s greatest

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Owen w/a USA stinks sign I made R.i.P to all the greats.