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Wrestle Crisis David vs. Goliath tournament

Posted in Ont.indy on August 24, 2012 by wtfhwrestling

A day after UFc 151 in Toronto catch an afternoon of good old fashioned wrestling fun.  Will the big guys squash their ways to a night of pure domination or will the undersized stars of WrestleCrisis prove the old adage “Its not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog” buy your tickets and find out.


NEW UFC Toronto poster

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UFC 151 got cancelled due to a Dan Henderson injury and Jon Jones denied Chael Sonnen(who has never competed at 205) as a replacement.  SO UFC pushed the Light heavyweight title match to the September 22nd show in Toronto against number one contender Lyoto Machida.  A lot of people including Dana White have taken issue with Jones dismissal of Sonnen but realistically who wants to see someone talk their way into being a number one contender?

Even if Chael can sell a PPV this isn’t WWE and he hasn’t earned the shot(he doesn’t even have a money in the bank case for fucks sake lol).  With Rousey,Jones and Chaels recent streak of shit talking maybe this is what the new style will be for champions and contenders promoting fights for ZUFFA,hopefully not though.  People think lowly enough about “cage fighting” as it is,no need for them all to be diminishing it further with classless remarks that don’t reflect the true spirit of martial arts.  That IS just my opinion though and I’m sure Dana and the boys could care less how UFC is seen after all the hills and valleys they’ve already faced for years in the media.

Canadian UFC news

Posted in MMA on August 21, 2012 by wtfhwrestling

Before I post the entire UFC 152 card I thought I’d mention the November show in Montreal which is shaping up to be pretty stacked.  The main event of GSP vs. Carlos Condit has been one on peoples minds since before Condit won the interim title.  That fight alone should be enough to guarantee excitement(and possibly make me travel to the land of the french).  The rest of the card looks like

Martin Kampman vs. Johnny Hendricks(who I suspect will be knocked back to the mid card scene)

Dirty Tom Lawlor vs. the monsterous Francis Carmont.  Someones getting knocked out here, the undercard has a few grappler vs. grappler matches but this fight seems destined to provide a possible KO of the night.

Antonio Carvalho vs. Rodrigo Damm in a battle of BJJ masters.

Mark Hominick vs. Pablo Garza( if it isn’t on the Toronto card)

And lastly the always game Rafael Dos Anjos is facing Mark Bocek.  I spoke with Mark last night and he seems pretty confident and expects it to be the war of attrition it looks like on paper.  I have a feeling with these fights jiu jitsu fans won’t be disappointed that night.  Getting back to UFC 159 in Toronto here’s what that card is looking like…

Joseph Benavidez vs. Mighty Mouse Demetrious Johnson to crown a first flyweight champion.  Many fans I’ve spoken to seem ripped off this is the main event we got but so what who doesn’t want to see a fast paced title fight?  There is a chance there won’t be the kind of KO the “got blood” fans will want to see but as long as its not a point war I’m cool with the main.

Toronto also gets the return of Matt Hammil from retirement as he faces the Janitor Vladimir Matyushenko.

Michael Bisping vs. Brian Stann

Evan Dunham vs. TJ Grant

Jim Hettes vs. Marcus Brimage

Igor Pokrajac vs. Vinnie Magalhaes

Dan Miller vs. Sean Pierson

Charles Oliveira vs. Cub Swanson

Seth Baczynski vs.Simeon Thoresen

Mitch Gagnon vs. Walel Watson

Also if you want to hang out or get down with the stars of UFC 152 check out this event where you can get down to the sounds of DJ MICHAEL BISPING.  I dunno why I picture him playing nothing but Queen songs but I do lol.


Elgin gets championship match in Mississauga

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Ring of Honor announced awhile ago they would be returning to Ontario with a Mississauga show October 13th.  Tickets are on sale but so far I only know one match UNBREAKABLE  Michael Elgin taking on whoever is champion.  Elgin has proven himself time and time again this past couple of years(even beating champion Steen on an indy show)showing the world once again the kind of talent found here in Ontario.  Whoever the champ may be by that time I’m sure the Mississauga fans will go nuts for the local Oshawa favorite who proved too hard to hate by ROH nuthuggers and wrestling purists alike.

Full Score Fighting Series card

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After that last post about Bellator I felt I should update on the full card from Score Fighting Series show this Saturday as well as mention SFS got picked up by AXS tv as well to start broadening Scores audience even more.

Josh Hill vs. John Fraser

Alex Ricci vs. Jesse Ronson

Tristan Johnson vs. Rick Glenn

Will Romero vs. David Douglas

Lyndon Whitlock vs. Fernando Vieira

Jason Meisel vs. Kyle Prepolec

Elias Theodorou vs. Simon Marini

Jason Saggo vs. Eric Attard

Ryan Dickson vs. Chris St.Jean

Taylor Solomon vs. Adam Assenza

Frank Marques vs. Eric Montgomery

Jeff Sharkey vs. Robert Thomas.

For what its worth I mentioned the fighter I thought would win first for all fights except a few which I think can go either way.  There are a few fighters from my gym on this show I might be favoring but regardless of personal relations I still think they’re going to win(minus Marini who I think is in for a war).  I’ll be attending the weigh ins as well this week so expect to see some pictures this week.  Not to ramble but weigh ins are interesting because outside of the UFC(and sometimes even there) you can really get a sense of the fighters energy and who will probably win.  I’ve been to all the weigh ins in Hamilton so far and off my weigh in predictions I’ve only been wrong twice which isn’t too bad but moreso shows what I mean.



Bellator 79 hits Casinorama Nov.2

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Eduardo”DuDu” Dantas,Paul Daley and Ryan Ford have all been announced for Bellators return to CasinoRama.

Bellator is also in Ontario on October 12th as previously reported with a highly anticipated Eddie Alvarez vs. Patricky Friere match up.

With Score Fighting this week,UFC September 22nd in Toronto and these cards Ontario fans are getting spoiled with all the great MMA available in our area.  Hopefully they make the most of it so these promotions can continue to run in our area.

Fight! Bloorcourt Cup results

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This past Saturday Fight! brand wrestling returned to the streets of Toronto with some exciting matches,some upsets and even a few awkward kisses.

The show opened with a tag match that I missed most of but I did see a team of black and blue dressed guys one with a baseball hat attached to a lucha mask(who was pretty good) beat the team of SNAKES ON A PLANE.  I saw maybe 3 minutes of this judging by the rest of the show that might have been half of the match.

The first match in the Bloorcourt Cup tournament featuring the BEARDED DRAGON Scotty Turner facing another guy whos name I didn’t catch(not to the ring announcers fault).  The other guy I think was billed from Michigan and was a thick dude in a multi coloured one strap on singlet,he hung in the match for a few minutes before the power of the beard was too much for him and Turner picked up the win.

2nd tournament match saw Alex Vega take on Christopher Bishop.  Two of Ontario’s best highflyers met up here and showed each other what they had before Alex BIG FEUD Vega was able to sneak out a quick 3 count.  This match was exciting as expected and probably the 2nd best match on the show.  I thought my camera battery was dead or I would have taped it,but I did get the main(minus the finishing move lol).

3rd match featured Squared circle heavyweight rookie John Greed taking on Kid Hybrid who hailed from the Rage dojo.  These two had an enjoyable match with lots of back and forth action.  Both really sold the intensity of the action to the not always won over random street fans.  Hybrid did a roll over the top rope at one point to the outside that didn’t get a pop at all which was kind of funny.   John Greed executing what I hope is his finisher got a loud pop though.  Hybrid kicked out and almost took the move again but reversed and won the match.  Hybrid hit a big double stomp in this one too that was worth mentioning that Greed kicked out of.  I hadn’t seen either of these guys before but both put on a good show and are welcome additions on any card  in my eyes.

The last first round tournament match and the upset I was speaking of before was Abe ACTION Jackson beating Surfs Up Johnny Wave.  Lots of old school and womens type moves(elbow drops,neckbreakers etc.)wore down Wave at first Johnny came back for a bit locking on his surfboard submission and stuff before losing an interesting match up.

Next up was the best match of the afternoon featuring “The Alternative”Ashley Sixx battling Ontario’s cyborg Tyson Dux.  To Tysons credit he had already wrestled this day in Bradford drove into Toronto then back to wrestle again in Bradford for their annual Carrotfest.  This match was as competitive as one would imagine taking place in Ash’s home turf Fight Brand.  This one saw moves outside the ring(which was concrete street),back and forth strikes and lots of competitive action everywhere a match takes place.  This was the match that really turned fans from observers into being involved with the match as well which opened the rest of the show up a lot better than the first few matches.  Ash won in the end,again I don’t remember with what I do remember in the ending sequence was he took a series of DVDs (one into the cornerpost Dux style)that would of knocked the wind out of most men so kudos to him for that(and putting on such a dope show in the first place).

The Fight brand title was up for grabs in the next match.  Josh Alexander was the challenger in this one taking on champion PSYCHO Mike Rollins.  Mike made fans as quickly as ever here winning over the crowd almost instantly.  The women and children especially got into his over the top persona cheering and promoting him to such sillyness as kissing his opponent and even the super fan who some recognize by her shrieks.  This match was potentially 2nd best of the day as well but too much pre-match sillyness cut it short of being that to me.  The finish saw Alexander go for his doubleunderhook piledriver to get reversed by a rana followed by a submission that finished off Alexander.

Mr. Saki came out next for seemingly no reason as he tends to do.  Leading out eventually Chase Rules the former Jason Chase.  Someone must have told Chase that Fight! was alternative or something because he came out in a leather jacket with plaid shirt tied around his waist Raven style.  Or so one would think if he hadn’t been wearing silver tights underneath and short hair that looked opposite of the persona he seemed to be working with.  The two were to take on Mami Tsunami Jody D’milo I think but it turned into a singles match where D’milo hit her finisher on both men.  The fans walking by had some funny comments that made this match a lot more entertaining to me but made me feel a little upset this was the example they got of todays show.  This match just didn’t mesh well and felt longer than the five minutes I assumed it was.

Lastly the main event saw the final 4way of first round Bloorcourt cup contenders check it out here.




All in all my first experience with Fight! was a pleasant one often wrestlers who run shows don’t do justice to their own product but I think Ash has been around long enough to figure out what works and thats what I saw this day.  Their next event is in October the same day as the Toronto Zombie walk and its a ZOMBIE WRESTLING show.  Surely a can’t miss for any blood(or brain)thirsty fan in the area.