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My Wrestle Krisis experience

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A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to attend the return of the wackiest indy to hit Ontario that isn’t Chikara.  The last show they had ended with Mortal Kombat bad guys stomping out the Super Mario crew.  The MK guys seemed to want to take over even adding the K in Crisis this time.  A grudge match was expected little did I know the lengths each teams leader would take in the main event.

First off I got to The Underground cinema late I had missed 3 matches.  I heard they featured a foot ninja,a power ranger and some other equally odd characters.  As I walked in a team match was going on with ELMO and PRINCESS PEACH fighting off a team of Mortal Kombat baddies who had one or two extra team members.  This match got evened out by run ins by Waldo and Chuck Norris.  Elmo won with a Canadian destroyer off the top rope.  After the match VENOM came out and strangled the large muppet.  It crossed my mind he might be trying to connect his symbiote to the fluffy puppet but that didn’t happen instead SPIDER MAN came out for the save.

Spider man beat Venom in the next match.  Venom was cool BUT I try to distance myself at WrestleKrisis from who people are under their masks.  Unfortunately Venoms voice was a little too easy to recognize even though I like the worker underneath the mask *shrugs*.

YOUNG FIT AND STUPID PRETTY Tyler Tirvas came out next with Mr. Saki (who was last seen at WC as a zombie)and cut an exhausting to listen to promo.  I like Tirva but this got a little boring he eventually called out SMITH HART from the crowd who accepted reluctantly and lost to a quick lowblow Hart got back in the ring and put a whooping on Saki.  

I think I’m forgetting a match but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was owell.

IN THE MAIN EVENT Wrestle Crisis’ favorite son MARIO took on Mortal Kombats evil boss SHAO KHAN.  This match got pretty hardcore for being on a show with Elmo.  A chair,barbed wire bat and fireball all came into play.  The finish saw Mario hitting 3 separate top rope doublestomps on his foe each on a different weapon.  This match was fun for a bit but it got to be so back and forth that most fans seemed bored.  Hardcore can be really intense when done well but if its just you hit me this then I’ll hit you with it becomes less interesting.  Marios desperation fireball seemed like a finish to me yet the match seemed to go on and on.  I liked this match and its always good to see people wrestle outside the box but I think they lost the majority of the crowd.  One fan after the match started chanting thank you Mario but I think people were just happy to leave.  After this I headed to Yonge and Dundas square and took in some good ol fashion hip hop.  I arrived as Action Bronson was on stage and immediately got right to the front and stayed there for Killer Mike Raekwon and Ghostface Killah a good day no doubt.  I just wish I could’ve seen the opening matches and got the pics off my phone which is the reason for the delayed review. 


Ontario Wrestling July

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I already posted a Wrestlers Union post but heres some other shows going on this month.

TIGERFEST AND THE CHIN PICNIC ARE ON THE 1st and 2nd search them up on facebook or somewhere.   PWA is also running at the Cambridge fair on the 1st.

First up Next Gen Wrestling is running a show Saturday in WELLAND featuring the man called VADER  as well as ASHley Sixx vs. CK Sexx Rip impact vs. Primo Scordino  Scotty O’Shea vs. TJ THUNDER and more check out their site for more info  on the BIG JULY 7th show.

The next day has two events to check out two depending on where you live if you’re in my hood and 19+ check out Alpha 1

Main Event:
Alpha Male Title Match:
Josh Alexander (c) vs. Justin Sane

If Kings Wins He Gets A Title Shot:
Joey Kings vs. Rhyno

First Time Ever Encounter:
Ethan Page vs. Tyson Dux

Grudge Match:
Ashley Sixx vs. Johnny Wave

Tag Team Title Match:
Checkmate (c) vs. Steady Ballers

4 Way Elimination Match:
Jen Blake vs. Sebastian Suave vs. Abe Jackson vs. Timothy Krane

3 Way Dance: Winner Pick’s 1st Round KOH Opponent:
Scotty O’Shea vs. A. Del Bruno vs. Mike Rollins

This is a taping for their channel 14 broadcasts as well,which has upped its quality quite a bit from the first 3 episodes which I know scared some people off their product.  Here’s hoping they have the channel 14 team out to help film and make this venue look better than the trash hole it is  lol.  I think the ambiance might be that of the old shows at the G SPOT years ago minus the giant fake tree ringside and the light shows.

77 King William St • Hamilton is the address

Start Time is 6:00pm & the doors open at 5:00pm

After Party will be held NEXT DOOR @ Dirty Dogs Saloon

So come drink with the stars of Alpha-1 Wrestling


No Gold Tickets Are For Sale! ALL GENERAL ADMISSION!

Price is $10 in Advanced or $15 at the door! Get Your Tickets Now!

Tickets WILL BE on sale at Crazy Bills @ 125 King Street East

If Any Locations are out of reach please call:

905-517-6999 or 905-906-0848

TCW returns to Kitchener July 8 with an all star cast including NEW TCW champion Notorious T.I.D, former WWE superstar Shawn Spears, TV superstar from YTV’s ” Splatalot” Gildar aka RJ City. Also appearing is international superstar Hornet, tag team champions The Pissbeaters, Rico Montana, Crazzy Steve, Derek Wylde and many more.
New start time of 3 pm and NOW lower ticket prices of $10 for adults and $15 at the door.
Come see all the action at the Moose Lodge in Kitchener that only TCW can deliver.
Follow TCW wrestling on twitter -@tcwkitchener and also at www.tcwkitchener.Com

Also signed for the show Hornet vs. Tyler Tirva on a card that seems to be stacked with Ontario talent.

Wrestlings back in Hamilton on the 14th with MAJOR SERIES WRESTLING

On July 14th live in Hamilton Ontario Canada Major Series Wrestling proudly announces their debut show. Featuring some of North America’s greatest wrestlers to date.
Already signed are Former WWE/TNA Star “Billy Gun aka Kip James”, Mdog 20 Matt Cross, DGUSA Star “Chuck Taylor”, CHIKARA STARS ” Jigsaw, Green Ant, Saturyne”, last but not least CANADA’S own SUPER SMASH BROTHERS “Player Uno & Player Dos” and many more to be announced in the coming weeks!
Email for more info:

MDOGG 20 vs. Billy Gunn  a 4way with RIP IMPACT,Chuck Taylor,Green Ant and Jigsaw   Saturyne vs. Xandra Bale   Rico Montana vs. Black Bushi    Abe “Action” Jackson vs. Red “Hot” Ryan Wood Bry Sullivan & Aiden Prince vs. Super Smash Brothers and a mystery match for the VIP ticket holders!!

The main event is a 3way with Michael Elgin vs. Josh Alexander vs. Chris Bishop  which has been hyped as a match that will put BATTLE ARTS on the Ontario indy map.   I wish all the posters were this size as well jus saying.

Don’t miss the return of FIGHT! – Sunday, July 22nd 2012, we bring you the hard hitting, high flying and action packed event everyone is buzzing about
Wrestling Revolution Star – “Psycho” Mike Rollins
AJPW Star – Black Bushi
ROH STAR – “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin
World Traveled and Top Indy Stars:
– Ashley Sixx
– Josh Alexander
– Ethan Page
Musical Guest: REVERSE GRIP and more!
Both men are on a new mission:
Ashley Sixx vs. “Iron Lion” Sebastian Suave

RJ CITY Open Challenge

4 Way To Determine #1 Contender
“Bearded Dragon” Scotty Turner vs. Alex Vega vs. Lionel Knight vs. TBA

FIGHT! Championship Match:
“Psycho” Mike Rollins vs. winner of 4 way

Special Tournament To Be Announced the Day of the show


Steamwhistle Brewery
Silver Snail Comics

ADVANCE TICKETS on sale soon and can be purchased at:

Silver Snail Comics
367 Queen Street West

Puck N’ Wings
362 Bloor St. West

Remember to come to the OFFICIAL AFTER PARTY right after the show
Puck N’ Wings
362 Bloor St. West

Party with the FIGHT! Stars all night!

Punk N Wings
Absolute Comedy
Cancom Security
Hot Box Cafe
Silver Snail Comics

If you have a show to promote this month as well hit me up at with some info and I’ll add it here for any die hards.


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June 30 3846 Portage rd Niagara Falls On tickets 10 dollars in advance see website for more details

Lucha Libre Contest:
Rip Impact vs Jennifer Blake

6 Man Tag:
Life of the Party & Chunky Fresh vs Ryan Ruks, Derek Platnium & Eddie Osbourne

Aiden Prince vs Alessandro Del Bruno

Bry Sullivan vs RJ City

EZE Eric Cairnie vs Abraham “Action” Jackson

NO 1 Contender:
“Tricked out” Tyler Tirva vs “Night Train” Justin Sane

Tag team Chamionship:
Power & fame vs Hollywood Hunks vs Bruthas from Anutha Mutha

BKPW Championship:
Ruffy Silverstein vs “Textbook” Tyson Dux

GWN quick results

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Quick results for June 24,”Let’s Rock for Brock 2″,at the Ukrainian Cultural Centre,Hamilton,Ontario

In the opening match,which was 4 man Elimination,DANGER BOY defeated DANNY PANIC(making his GWN debut)K.C.TANKS,and the PRETTY BAD BOY TIM COPELAND.This match was to determine the top contenders for the soon to be introduced GWN Light Heavyweight Title.

The scheduled match between DAVID CLARK and IGOR SONOVAVICH did not take place,as Sonovavich claimed a leg injury and invoked his right to name a substitute,which in this case was FALCOR.Clark managed to defeat his larger and more experioenced opponent which sent Sonovavich into a blind rage.

In a mixed Tag match,where the GWN Ladies Title and the GWN Tag Team Championships were on the line,JODI DI MILO and AFTERSHOCK defeated THE “ANTI-DIVA”KAITLIN DIAMOND and REVELATION to gain the Championships.

In a Hamilton Street Fight,BARON VON LUTZ defeated the SILVERBACK SHAWN BROWN

MAD DOG MIKE EMORY defeated ROCKY”BAM BAM”GIOVANNI to win the vacated GWN Commonwealth title.

In the Main event,which was a Lumberjack Match for the GWN Heavyweight Title,former Champion DONOVAN JACK O SHEA regained his Title from TOMMY “WILDFIRE”BURCH.

A more detailed review will follow shortly.

GWN returns to the Ukrainian Cultural Centre on Sunday September 30,2012,241 Kenilworth Avenue North with a bell time of 1:30.Card details and ticket locations to be announced shortly


Wrestlers UNION next week

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Also check out this trailer about a wrestler running his own show(this one)

Hot on the heels of the successful WRESTLESTOCK event, the Union of Independent Professional Wrestlers returns to Royal Canadian Legion Hall No.10 (1083 Pape Avenue in Toronto) on Saturday night July 7th for “REIGN OF TERROR”. Tickets are $20 each and are on sale at the Silver Snail Comic Shop (367 Queen St West) and $tretch Thrift Store (974 Pape Ave) as well as at the Legion Hall and online at our website:



Northern Lights Cruiserweight champion SHAWN “Ice” LaFLEUR vs. “RockSteady” ALEX VEGA

ROH Superstar “Unbreakable” MICHAEL ELGIN vs “The Iron Lion” SEBASTIAN SUAVE

“The World’s Greatest Entertainer” RJ CITY vs. “Psycho” MIKE ROLLINS

“The High Risk Hero” RIP IMPACT vs. ASHLEY SIXX

Plus: Prize giveaways, cold beer on sale and much more…

Trish Stratus on cover of Inside Fitness Magazine

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The greatest diva of all time and my favorite fitness mag teamed up this month.  Thought I’d share.

GWN ROCK FOR BROCK 2 June 24th @1pm

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GWN returns to the Ukrainian Cultural Centre (Hamilton, Ontario)for another spectacular card.Once again this is a fundraiser for Sir Isaac Brock
Elementary School,let’s go all out to make this a success once again.

Just signed!A match featuring referee DAVID CLARK throwing out a challenge to the man causing so much havoc and mayhem in GWN,IGOR SONOVAVICH.A special guest referee has been assigned to this match,”BIG”MIC BLACKWELL.


A 6 person tag featuring JODI D’MILO and AFTERSHOCK taking on the team of the GWN Ladies Champion the “ANTI-DIVA”KAILIN DIAMOND and the GWN Tag Team Champions REVELATION,and the belts will be on the line!

MAD DOG MIKE EMORY takes on ROCKY “BAM BAM” GIOVANNI to determine the NEW GWN Commonwealth Champion.(Tommy “Wildfire’Burch has vacated the belt per GWN rules that no competitor can hold 2 singles Titles at the same time)

And the Main Event-NEW GWN Heavweight Champion TOMMY “WILDFIRE”BURCH defends against Former Champion DONOVAN JACK O SHEA,in a match with a special added stipulation.This match will be contested as a Lumberjack match,where the ring will be surrounded by wrestlers,each carrying either a strap or steel chair,which will be used on either competitor if they are outside of the ring at any time.

Ticket information and locations available shortly.