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Young Stars vs. Pro Stars promos

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This weekend Squared Circle Wrestling returns June 2nd to the TRIO sportsplex in Vaughan.   Here is what a few of the combatants had to say about their match ups.

Suave responds

A challenge for a womens match

Xandra Bale accepts Jewels Malones challenge

Preston Miles challenges Josh Alexander

Tyson Dux responds to John Greed



Harry Smith catch wrestling seminar

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Written by Smith Hart

“To all MMA/wrestling enthusiasts. My nephew Harry Smith will be conducting a very RARE catch wrestling seminar in Toronto on Tuesday June 12 at Innercity MMA, 403 Dundas st west. 4-6 pm. On top of being a certified catch wrestling trainer at Billy Robinson’s prestigious academy, Harry also trains regularly at Dave Bautista & Cesar Gracies Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school in Tampa. Spots will be limited and are offered on a first come first serve basis. This seminar is availble for both Men & Women. Must be 18 years of age and or have a liability waiver signed by a parent or guardian. Many of the skills learned are transferrable to both MMA and Pro Wrestling. Cost is $50 which is to be paid directly the day of.

Email me for details or to reserve your spot”

Canadian Pro Wrestling update

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Highlander Robbie talks about getting jumped by Bolen.  Look for CPW on Facebook to be up to date on all their doing.

Heavyweight WRESTLING weekend

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This weekend UFC is promoting an all heavyweight pay per view event,featuring a title defense from champion Junior Dos Santos and Frank Mir.  JDS has been on a roll for his last few fights and Mir has always been a machine on the ground.  JDS put away wrestling standout and former champ Cain Velasquez in mere seconds to win the title.   So one has to wonder if he’ll allow the fight to go to the ground or if he gets caught with one of Mirs big head kicks he’s been killing people with lately.

Its no secret wrestling is the best background to any aspiring mixed martial artist and this weekend might prove just that some more.  Outside of the UFC as well Cole Konrad is defending his Bellator championship Friday night.  Conrad is thought of to a lot of MMA fans as being Brock Lesnars training partner and college wrestling alum.   Last week as well HW wrestler Daniel Cormier used his constant pressure to score a decision over other wrestling notable Josh Barnett.

The previously mentioned Cain Velsquez will probably be looking to show off his wrestling pedigree Saturday in his fight with striker and jj practioner BIG FOOT SILVA another fight on UFC 146 tomorrow.

With all of the heavyweight wrestling  success in MMA one has to wonder if its only a matter of time before the big boys start switching to the WWE route.  KING MO LAWAL recently inked a contract that puts him in Bellator as well as TNA IMPACT and any WWE fan would notice the impact made by Brock Lesnar in his return.  The roundest fighter in the UFC teased a possible WWE run as well to compete with Brock.  With Brock breaking the stigma against “pro” wrestling how prevalent will crossing over sports be for MMA athletes in the future?

There has been a few cases of MMA organizations trying to cross over heavyweights from the WWE with terrible results(Bart Gunn,Sean O’Haire etc.)but how will the outlook change once nationally credited wrestlers start winding down their MMA careers and turning pro?  Will the Roy Nelsons,Josh Barnetts  and Daniel Cormiers be the champions of the future with combat experience behind them or is this just another flash in the pan idea wrestling fans have become more than used to.  The WORLDS MOST DANGEROUS MAN Ken Shamrock broke down the cross over MMA star gimmick over ten years ago why not again?

To me as a wrestling fan I don’t find the crossing over very appealing in that I would rather see people do what they do best than what someone will pay them for.  The best fighter that came from a pro background to me will always be KAZUSHI SAKURABA.  He kept entertainment in each of his bouts going for unorthodox moves most martial artists would find too wacky to even worry about.  His risky style often put losses on his record but no one ever doubted his love for the sport or heart he showed every match.

In the end I guess my question is will the MMA world ever see another Sakuraba?  Someone equally entertaining as vicious with no fear in this point scoring world of fighters today while still honoring a pro wrestling past?  Who knows but if Brock Lesnar being regarded by some as a UFC legend is any indicator we could see a lot of talent crossing over as well as excelling at both sports.

Busted Knuckle returns

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JUNE 30th info on the poster.


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WrestleCrisis goes Extreme with its fourth installment:


17 June

Toronto Underground Cinema
186 Spadina ave.

Doors: 4PM Bell Time 4:30

Advance Tickets are only $10

Advance Ticket Locations:

Toronto Underground Cinema
186 Spadina ave.

A & C Games
706 Spadina ave.

Eyesore Cinema
801 Queen st. West (2nd floor)

The Silver Snail
367 Queen st. West

Tickets will be available at the door for $15

SCW young stars vs PRO stars

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Heres the facebook for a fun event coming up

No the Pro stars aren’t the famed athletes from the early 90s cartoon(No Bo? But Bo knows EVERYTHING).  They’re the stars of Squared Circle wrestling a company that also has a school CHOCK FULL of upcoming talent trying to steal the spotlight.  Will the PRO STARS lay down and let the next wave of superstars knock them down?  Not very likely.  June 2nd at the Vaughan Trio sportsplex see the evolution of Ontario wrestling as the stars of tomorrow face the vets holding it down today.  Will the rookies hold their ground and prove to the world what they have to offer OR fall to the wayside in defeat.  Its all or nothing, Pros vs. Young stars 2 who will prevail?