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Adrenaline Cup this Sunday

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2012 Adrenaline Cup Tournament
Sunday, April 29th 2012
at the TRIO Sportsplex (601 Cityview BLVD, Vaughan, ON)
Doors Open at
Bell Time at 5pm

Tickets are ONLY $20!!

The opening rounds of the Adrenaline cup all seem to be reason enough to go to this show if the tag team match of  The Gymrats 2.0 vs. TNT doesn’t draw you in.

Opening round matches are Ashley Sixx vs. Mike Rollins  Josh Alexander vs. Alex Vega Anthony Fiasco vs. Brent Banks and Player Uno vs. Player Dos.  For 20 bucks thats not bad as there is an extra match and probably some of the ladies of Squared Circle there to make their presence felt.


WAR DOG vs. Tim Hague

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Brantford heavyweight Craig Hudson announced his next fight this week at KOTC:UNIFIED April 28th taking on UFC vet and number 1 Heavyweight in Canada Tim Hague.  All I can say is WAR! WAR DOG put Tapout Burlington on the map.

GWN returns next weekend

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GWN Wrestling returns to the Ukrainian Cultural Centre,241Kenilworth Avenue North in Hamilton with another great card on April 29(Doors open 1 PM,bell time is 1:30).This card is to benefit the East Hamilton Soccer Association. Specifically,the East Hamilton
under 10 Boys Select Soccer,and East Hamilton under 13 Boys Select Soccer.

Already signed-GWN Heavyweight Champion DONOVAN JACK O SHEA takes…
on GWN Commonwealth Champion TOMMY ‘WILDFIRE”BURCH(with adviser
IGOR SONOVAVICH),in a rematch from October 2011,but the first one on one encounter between the two since Burch’s change of attitude,and O Shea’s regaining the Heavyweight Title from SILVERBACK SHAWN BROWN.This match has been ordered by the GWN Championship Commitee to take place as 2/3 Falls!

For the first time ever A LADDER MATCH for the GWN Ladies Championship


Also,the GWN Tag team Titles will be on the line as REVELATION(Reck and Ruin)take on the challenge of AFTERSHOCK(Damien and Drake Styles)

Also scheduled-DANGER BOY returns to take on THE PRETTY BAD BOY TIM COPELAND,and ROCKY “BAM BAM”GIOVANNI battles “MAD DOG” MIKE EMORY. Advance Tickets are 8 Dollars and can be obtained now,phone 905-522-3857

House of Champions-Open house

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Grapplers Quest coming to Brampton

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Check Facebook for more details

Hellzapoppin review

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Saturday night the Hamilton Place Studio saw the debut of the traveling sideshow that is HELLZAPOPPIN’.  I was planning on going to an overpriced legends show but one of my friends passed me some tickets he won for this event.  Who do I know that would want to watch people mutilate themselves he thought to himself…only one person he knew would appreciate it like no one else…my ten year old so we lucked out.  We watch the show Oddities and she’d been looking forward to seeing a REAL freak show one day.

Going into this show my only experiences with gross stunts had been on tv outside a few tricks by Sinn Bodhi,Random Acts or Voodoo Ray(who are all pretty nuts in their own right)which weren’t full shows.  Were they going to be able to shock me like the one that scarred my mom  in the 70s?  I sure hoped so.

The venue suited the show pretty well the last thing I attended there was a weigh in for a fight and this was a clean and sleek venue for both.

The show started out with some fire eating,dancing and manipulation that got the crowd excited early.  The first woman out was Maryann Magdalen,she almost stole the show I would say.  Without her the show seems like it would have been missing something.  All 4 performers present brought a unique experience to all their stunts I just felt the first woman really took the theatrics to another level.  She swallowed swords and other objects as well as walking machete ladders and other equally impressive acts of madness.

Next up Master of Ceremonies Bryce Graves ate some glass.  He did a few other over the top awesome moves such as the old powerdrill up the nose and pushed a kernel of corn from his nose to eye.  Classic stunts I expected to see but was shocked to finally see in front of my own eyes.  My daughter had a couple cringing moments during some of his and Zamoras stunts but not as much as the 40 year old man next to me.

The main event seemed to be whenever Zamora the Torture king came back onstage he built up his stunts with each being a little crazier than the last so by the end we knew he was saving for something.  He did a stunt with an audience member and before that I think the crowd kind of watched as if ya thats cool but after someone was onstage it got real for us and everyone got more into the show.  Zamora has been featured on Stan Lees superhero search,Guinness book,Nat.geo/wherever good feats of crazyness can pass for entertainment lol.  He also wrote a book( I would have bought if not so broke) about the Lollapalooza Jim Rose circus days he was promoting called CIRCUS OF SCARS.  He shocked my daughter the most,possibly by passing a metal spike through the bottom of his face or bicep.  His body control and control of the crowd was pretty intense anyone could tell he was no stranger to performing by now.

The 4th performer of the night was a local named Vanessa Ann Neil who ate some bugs, swallowed some swords and was a human dartboard.  The bug eating didn’t win me over but the other acts all impressed.

The mixture of the performances kept things fresh as well as the addition of Mr. Buggles their cute top hat dog mascot.  To explain the stunts or all of them or crowd reaction wouldn’t be doing the show any justice they did a bunch of crazy stunts I didn’t mention nor feel I need to.  They said they would be returning in the near future with the LIZARD MAN and another name I recognized at the time so when you see they’re coming to your town be sure not to miss the greatest show in HELL!!!  Unless you’re not a sickfuck like me who owns skulls and shit then MAYBE you might not like it but even the guy who had his eyes closed next to me half the show had a good time so open your mind and your wallets Hellzapoppin’s worth it.