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First off as I walked in I was almost in shock as to how many fans had attended(at least 200).  Usually at a GWN show if you come in late you can still sit in the second or third row whereas today I could only sit in the back row smooshed with the other Hamilton and area wrestling fans arm to arm almost.  I don’t know if it was the charity they were working with this show or the word of mouth GWN has seemed to be getting lately.  The next show which is to benefit the Boy Scouts of Hamilton on April 29th I suspect will be just as charged as this crowd with a crowd of wild boys in the crowd opposed to the usual crowd of young girls GWN tends to draw.

In the opener Joey Allen took on the returning Kyle Broox.  This match was pretty well paced and a good showing but ended in a time limit draw.  These two are the best young athletes in GWN so it was good to see them match up.  The crowd was firmly behind Allen and probably will be again if they rematch April 29th at the next show.

BAM BAM Giovanni beat PRETTY BAD BOY Copeland in the second match with a flying clothesline.  The returning Copeland kept the heat on in the opening of the match taking cheap shots to the back of BAM BAMs knees and head really making the Brock fans know who was the bad boy in this match although he didn’t win.

Damien Styles beat RUIN(1/2 of GWN tag champions REVELATION)in the next match.  The finish saw a powerful slam on RUIN that got the win.

Drake Styles beat Rack in what was one of the better matches of the card.  Rack wasn’t great on the mic in his pre match promo but he made up for it by having a solid match to make the GWN faithful look forward to the next show when AFTERSHOCK Damien and Drake styles face Revelation for the GWN tag championships.

After intermission was a womens title match between the work of art JODI D’MILO and the champion Kaitlyn Diemond.  Kaitlyn hasn’t won cleanly in a LONG time this match was no different after the match the two agreed to a LADDER match at the next show.

In the main event Donovan Jack O’Shea and SilverBack Brown beat HOUSE OF IGOR members WildFire Tommy Birch and Mad Dog Emery.  This match had lots of old school tag wildness  with Donovan Jack O’Shea showing who reigns supreme in GWN once again.  Before this match WILDFIRE had challenged the champ to match for the next show where we’ll see if Birch will man up and become the new face of GWN with the help of Team Igor or if LUCKY CHARMS will remain on top of the heap in northend Hamilton wrestling.



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If you’re an old UWA fan a backyard wrestling enthusiast or just someone with some time to kill I’ve got to take a post to put over another blog  ..

My first UWA hardcore show I attended had (then)ROH star Austin Aries in the main event so I ventured to Mississauga to check it out since that I made it a bi-monthly(sometimes monthly)mission to make as many UWA HARDCORE shows as I could.  They always delivered and had a good healthy dose of DIY magic that made it hard for any other indy company before or after to follow.  Eventually they folded and sold their equipment to another fed that was going to try and recapture that magic …SPRY.   Spry was barely given a chance by anyone but came off to me as ALPHA 1 before they existed.  So with all the warm fuzzies of one of my favorite indys of all time matched with my memories of making crappy makeshift rings,titles and weapons and beating the snot out of my friends this site surely delivers the entertainment factor for anyone who’s been there done that(byw wise) or can relate to wanting to take a backyard dream and make it global.

BTW love the flaming board gimmick they talk about.  We used to do it too but our guy came to the ring with a gascan he’d dip a home made singapore/STEEL CITY cane in it light it up then get reversed…poor son of a bitch.

WWE encyclopedia

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Anyone have this?  I randomly picked it up at the book store the other day and couldn’t put it down.  The only other wrestling book to have that effect on me was PWI’s first almanac which I took with me EVERYWHERE.

Sure the book has its drawbacks like keeping kayfabe and its choice of cover stars(all Attitude era no Hogan,Savage,Hart,Fuji,Piper,Flair/ANYONE who actually mattered lol minus Edge and Taker who respectively earned their cover boy spots)but they make up for that by the amount of “enhancement talent” listed throughout the book.  Growing up me and my boys would collect the old LJN figures and strangely enough our favorites were THE KILLER BEEZ in our ring NO ONE lost to the Killer BEEZ they’re freaking “killers” after all lol.   Lots of times we would re-paint other figures to look like jobbers we were fans of  like IRON MIKE SHARPE or the Brooklyn Brawler we even made a LOSER title I don’t know why we thought anyone would want that title but this book is FULL of contenders for that belt.  I opened to one page randomly and found 3 people from my hometown Hamilton thats not bad either so whether you’re a fan of gimmicks that should’ve never been,silly reminders of jobbers past or just want a reminder of WWEs revisionist history this might just be the book for you.


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Does anyone watch these anymore?  I try to give them the benefit of the doubt and check them out bi-monthly (I suppose) unless I hear about something I want to see.  The last IMPACT PPV I saw was in October I think.  I watch the french version of their program and it doesn’t really entice me into their big shows.

WWE however has former indy darlings as champions so how could I not be into that a little?  If not to see how badly the WWE has dropped the ball on them.  With that said I don’t think they have.  Punk is not even remotely Punk and smirks like we’re all watching a joke only he’s in on with gets annoying quickly but besides that he seems to fit the WWE mold pretty well.  I didn’t think he would have longevity with the title and would turn heel soon enough but with how the crowd reacts to him they may as well make him their new Cena.  Daniel Bryan has been holding it down as well,the only detraction for him being the weak vegan angle he has.  Who cares your one champ is straightedge and the other vegan?  Thats how people look at healthy living these days it shouldn’t be a gimmick.  I tried to do the CM PUNK gimmick circa 97 on CBC and they weren’t having it saying no one knew what straightedge was owell..they dropped the ball there lol.

My original point as going to be on how bad WWEs last PPV was.  The Rumble is a classic ppv and last months show held upto some sort of standard but it wasn’t anywhere near as memorable as even a few years ago.  SO I expected the next PPV to be bigger and better and set up Wrestlemania really well.  High expectations maybe?  Elimination Chamber seems to be getting lots of hate online being dubbed as “the worst ppv ever” and to that I say UNCENSORED anybody?  In all seriousness though that ppv was pretty terrible if I had paid for it and not streamed it like a good internet wrestling fan I wouldn’t be too inclined to buy another one even if it was WRESTLE MANIA.

I watched the best ppv matches of 11 and watched a few of the actual PPVs and didn’t think any were EC bad which is funny because when they package the best of dvd for next year they’ll probably put Cena/Kane in there even though there match was arguably the worst.  Welllll(read in Roadwarrior Hawk voice) its been a long time since I drank the Vince Mcmahon kool aid and I can’t say I’ve thought about going back.  Indy wrestling has so much more to offer than the one dimensional characters given to us on weekly tv(outside ROH).  Are there really people out there who enjoy Natalyas farting gimmick?  Is that how a diva gets over now?  Being hot or full of gas?  C’mon guys give us a LITTLE something more than THAT.  The indy scene seems to have countless womens talents of different sizes they could be taking advantage of but instead they stay inside their tiny little box of thoughts and were is it getting them?  The same place as always,you can’t do the same thing 1000x and expect different results right?

So with all that hate out there I’ll finish on a positive I love seeing Jericho back on tv and like the former ROH champions and Big Show but outside a few matches per show they really need to re-think there formula for success if they think the SUPER SHOWS they’re producing are anywhere near SUPER.

GWN this Sunday!

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February 26,2012-The Main Event pits the GWN Heavyweight Champion DONOVAN JACK O SHEA and his partner SILVERBACK SHAWN BROWN against the newly crowned GWN Commonwealth Champion TOMMY “WILDFIRE”BURCH and his partner,MAD DOG EMERY ,accompanied by the man at the head of the House of Igor,IGOR SONOVAVICH

Also scheduled,GWN LADIES Champion “THE ANTI-DIVA”KAITLIN DIAMOND defends her belt against her most persistent challenger “THE WORK OF ART”JODY DI MILO

The NEW GWN Tag team Champions REVELATION(Wreck and Ruin)return,and have thrown out a open challenge.Former Tag Champions AFTERSHOCK(Damien and Drake Stles)also are scheduled for this mammoth show.

Exciting newcomer JOEY ALLEN takes on the returning”KICKING”  KYLE BROOX.

Rookie sensation ROCKY “BAM BAM”GIOVANNI returns and much more!Tickets now available,8 Dollars in advance.Phone 905-
522-3857 for more info

Some upcoming March and April wrestling events

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Another live wrestling event coming up

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Looks to be for a good cause and with some of Ontario’s finest check it out if you can.