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Rob Feinstein:You should know better

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First he gets nailed on tv’s TO CATCH A PREDATOR for trying to nail a 14 y/o boy ….

Then he posts this on Facebook from a Michael Jackson fundraiser(yes that Michael Jackson.  Sponsored by NAAMBLA?  No word).  I never thought I’d feel bad for the Biebster but RUN BIEBER RUN!!! Your security has no clue how close its letting you to pedophiles lol.


Indy shows coming up

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Should be big Toronto area fans have been anxious for ROHs return since their last time in the area.  Props to them on improving the lighting on their tv show as well before it was too dark and would put me to sleep now they’ve built some decent atmosphere here’s hoping they can stay on that path and it wasn’t just the venue.

Before that though CHIKARA invdaes the area in a joint show with Squared Circle wrestling announced so far form Chikara are Tim Donst,Kobald and Ophidian.

Saturday, March 3rd 2012
TRIO Sports Plex
601 Cityview Blvd, Vaughan, ON
Doors Open at 6:30pm
Bell Time at 7pm

IF you can’t wait til then for some action check out


(905) 443-8697


featuring a brass knuckles challenge match from reigning champ Buck Gunderson a tag challenge featuring the Hillbullies a womens match,RJ City,Hornet Shawn Spears and much more.

WRESTLESTOCK is also in the near future the main event is Steve Corino vs. Michael Elgin which has proved to be a solid match up in the past.  Pepper Parks, Rj City Hornet and many more are featured on this show as well

The promoter for this show knows his stuff and has a good backstage team together to make sure this is a show you won’t forget.

SCORE FIGHTING returns to Hamilton!

Posted in MMA on January 21, 2012 by wtfhwrestling

Fighters advertised on alternate flyers include Jason Miesel,Adam Assenza,Alex Ricci and Ryan Dickson.  Pictured on this poster are Lyndon Whitlock,Josh Hill,John Alessio,Rich Clementi and Shane Campbell.

My first assumption would be the main event would be the x UFC fighters Alessio and Rich NO LOVE Clementi facing off but with SCORE Fighting you never know when they’re going to mix it up and give an up and comer a shot in the main event slots of the card.  All the fighters announced so far all can go so here’s hoping they can top their last show here which would be a feat in itself but attainable nonetheless.

Ultimate Fighter Brazil:Wanderlei vs. Belfort

Posted in MMA on January 19, 2012 by wtfhwrestling

WHOA after the best season of The Ultimate Fighter Zuffa is upping the ante with a Brazil edition of TUF featuring two of Brazils finest.  Wanderlei Silva and Vitor Belfort,this would mark the second time the two have fought Vitor won via KO in 44 seconds back in 1998 and probably expects to do the same.  Some Canadian fans I’ve met over the years have shown a strange dislike for Brazilian fighters.  I know a few “fight fans” who train who find Brazilians classless and not good for the sport with their bad attitudes.  With that said I hope it doesn’t cost UFC any viewers in North America due to our general ignorance to their fight scene and culture.  With last seasons TUF adding momentum to a series long past its prime the last thing Zuffa needs is a bunch of fans skipping TUF due to aggressive boastfulness and lack of diversity.


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IF you don’t get your Primo Scordino fix on Saturday make it out to PowerSlam Wrestling on Sunday.

NSP this weekend

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War of words?

Posted in MMA on January 19, 2012 by wtfhwrestling

This week the UFC announced Mark Munoz was out of his fight this month with middleweight contender Chael Sonnen on January 28ths Fox 2 card.  Not wanting to cancel the fight UFC searched out a new contender for this number one contenders fight.

Michael the count Bisping was the choice they decided on.  Given time these two could generate some real controversy with their amount of trash talk.  To the point where I can’t really stand to see either of them.  Although I don’t think either are really deserving of a title shot here’s hoping Munoz isn’t going to be forgotten in the middleweight ranks.

Maybe the UFC is as sick of these twos random trash talk as much as I am?  Maybe they’re making sure they have only one middleweight contender running his mouth at a time.  Mayhem Miller got his shot to silence the count and couldn’t do so.  We all know Dan Henderson is capable of that job and has the wrestling to compete with Chael as well.  Which could lead to a Silva rematch either way although I think Henderson stands a better chance in both those fights.

In a sport that wants to separate itself from the ranks of pro wrestling as much as possible one has to wonder why the biggest mma organization would still promote matches like this.  It doesn’t make mma look good to the common FOX viewer either who might be hunting for Big Bang re runs and get never ending obnoxious boasting instead.  Martial arts are supposed to promote honor and skill and humility not circus acts of machismo.  Here’s hoping the two competitors involved can bring the action to make the fight worth the hype.  Because as nice as trash talk is its always better when people can walk the walk as well and on January 28th we’ll see who’s up to that challenge.