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Whether FTW stands for  FOR THE WIN or FUCK THE WORLD  it seems appropriate after last nights UFC 141 co main event.

I know fighters aren’t allowed to swear in the octagon I wonder if he got fined for sign language?


Brock retires

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Ho hum.  First he quit WWE because he wanted to play football.  Couldn’t cut it.  Thought maybe UFC(not MMA lol) is easier.  “I’ll go trane UFC that makes big checks” didn’t even reach ten fights and quits after being handled twice.  You want to fight and can only take two beatings?  Way to be the softest hearted fighter to ever step in the octagon.  At least now he can live off the fallacy of being an MMA star in any wrestling league he might want to.  I’m sure IMPACT would be ecstatic to have him even if its not where his heart is.

I for one would be happy to never see him again though.  Too much hype and too little talent might equal big checks but it’ll never be what I pay to see.  Shit I haven’t even seen Avatar lol.

2011 year awards

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This is my first time compiling a best of the year list but I have been thinking about it all year so here goes.

2011 fighter of the year:JON “BONES” JONES

This ones pretty self explanatory the man became the youngest champion in UFC history stopped a mugger in central park before his title win and defended twice against two of the lightheavyweight divisions top fighters (with little lay off inbetween).  Breaking the LHW curse is enough to earn someone FIGHTER OF THE YEAR to me.

2011 fight of the year:Dan Henderson vs Shogun Rua

Most mma fans have been saying its the best fight ever so who am I to disagree it was at least fight of the year.

2011 Ontario indy wrestler of the year:Brent B

Suspect choice?  O Hell no,every show this guy delivers and borderline steals the show that’s enough for me to put him at the top of Ontarios heap for this year.  His work ethic and athleticism are the main reasons to get behind him,he seems to be on any show he can and always seems humble(I think I’ve talked to him ..once? Maybe) which is also a plus for any young up and comer trying to make it.

2011 Ontario indy match of the year:is n/a

I know I go to a lot of shows and I probably could pick what was MY match of the year but really too many intangibles come into play figuring out which was best and on top of that I don’t go to nearly enough shows to decide whats best of the year.  C4 seems like it has match of the year candidates on a monthly basis and I’ve never seen one of their shows in full so there’s my point proven some more.

2011 Ontario indy fed of the year:Max Pro wrestling

I’m leaving c4 out of this category since I never see it.  Max Pro however delivers more shows than most indys and is always entertaining.  CCW is my runner up in this category with old school fun for any fan.  Both feds have a womens division as well which are always good to keep a card from stagnating at points.

2011 WORST indy fed in Ontario:Alpha 1

No shock here from me.  A1 bores me to tears.  Is that enough said?  How many matches can one sit through that are almost the same?  Their cards feature some top tier talent but they always come off as C4 re-runs or have swerve booking that comes off really predictable.  If EVERY match tries to swerve the fans won’t we all expect it?  I’ve tried to turn 3 kids I know who love wrestling to A1 and only one of them wanted to go again.  The other two liked the first matches then got bored ,one of them left midshow.  As a fan I see where they’re coming from I’d only gone to their shows with outside talent announced and all those matches ended up stinking or having the talent no show…owell.  More psychology would be nice as well.

2011 worst Ont. indy commentator:A1s Fat Jack

Man this guy killed any heat or interest I had watching A1s ippv that was free.  They posted a match with Alexander and Suave too I think where I was watching two of my favorite locals BUT I couldn’t watch ’til the finish without the volume on mute.   OMGs and pathetic shilling seem to be all that comes out of this guys mouth.  When he’s not angrily emailing me saying I know nothing about wrestling lol.  We can’t all be self described “experts” like you kid lol.   A Iron Shiek humbling seems in order for this douche.  …but he would probably like it and brag how close he and Shieky are now lol.  Either way he’s the opposite of entertainment or excitement.  I would have made a best Ont.commentator award but haven’t heard enough of anyone elses work to decide.  Topher Whiteman is a great announcer/presence though and if I’d heard him do some commentary I’m sure he’d take that title as best around.

2011 Worst MMA commentator:Michael THE VOICE Schiavello (sp?)

How many corny similes can one commentator work into a fight?  I’m not even going to bother quoting them.  That would make me have to think again about anything he’s said which isn’t worth my time or energy.  The voice comes off as a punchline rapper who can’t rap 1/2 the time the other he talks down to fighters and questions their toughness heart and skills on a pretty consistent basis.  If you want a commentator who will bury your roster look no further than this Australian blowhard.

2011 BEST mma announcer:Mauro Ranallo

Does anyone even come close to this man?  He stands in a league of his own as far as I’m concerned with a mix of colour and play by play you can’t go wrong. He’s knowledgeable and humorous he lets you hear his opinion without sounding stilted or arrogant.  Bas is also great but doesn’t work nearly as much.  I’m a Joe Rogan fan as well but Mauro simply outclasses him in all areas I mentioned IMO.

2011 Womens fighter of the year:CYBORG!!

Every year will be her year ’til someone can make her look questionable.  Rhonda Rousey and Miesha Tate both had decent years but until someone can really challenge Cyborg she’ll always be queen.

2011 Ontario Womens wrestler of the year:Cherry Bomb

Cherry holds it down where ever she competes.  Hers and Courtney Rushs feud this year was one of the best in Ontario.  Rush had an especially good year as well with her role in Monster Brawl(Cherry and her filmed another movie with Ricky from Trailer Park Boys too this year) and occasional Shimmer dates BUT I think Cherry was slightly more consistent.  With that said both deserve infinite props for showing wrestling fans womens wrestling doesn’t have to be the cheesecake 4 minute jokes we see on tv.  I saw Seleziya Sparx won this honor on another site,congrats to her she’s moving up the ladder of quality women in Ontario despite being less physical then the other two ladies mentioned.  She has appeared to be(to me) quite the in ring general at times this year as well,which is impressive for anyone in the infancy of their career.

MMA event of the year: UFC 139

‘Nuff said.

Ontario MMA fighter of the year:Jesse Ronson

This kid was on a roll this year.  Keeping Adrenaline training on the map Ronson had some exciting and dominating bouts this year which would make him my pick for Ontario fighter of the year.  Runner up would be Will Romero who also held it down in all his bouts this year.

Ontario MMA promotion of the year:SCORE FIGHTING SERIES

Scores shows this year were all well booked entertaining cards with surprises and few mismatches which I found more of on other promotions shows.

Ontario indy Manager of 2011:Igor Sonovovich

The hous eof Igor reigns supreme more often then not in GWN.  As much as I would’ve liked to give this award to Big Money I can’t deny Igors accomplishments and consistent bad attitude.

Best ref in Ontario:Dave Clarke

Another GWN regular gets an award here as their top ref always calls it down the middle and solid performances whenever in the squared circle.

…In honor of Temple Of Doom posting on my CCW Tburg fair post today …I’ll give him the honour of Ontario BACKYARD wrestler of the year as well.  Truly an honor indeed,his ESBW can get best BYW in Ontario as well since its the only one I check for and always delivers the blood and gore Doom seems to get off on lol.  Here’s hoping ESBW has more competition in the new year for best byw fed or worker.  I originally wrote this was the only byw I know and really its not its just the only one I can stand lol.

Rest in peace honors go out to Macho Man Randy Savage,Shawn Tompkins,Nate Dogg,SWEET N SOUR Larry Sweeny,SMOKING Joe Frazier,JUMPIN’ Jack Lalanne,Jack Layton,Jimmy Kimmells UNCLE Frank Potenza,Heavy D,Patrice O’neal,Police Academys Bubba Smith,BIG MONEY Mike Mckeirnan,Giant Silva,Joe Bodolai(wrote Waynes World and Kids in the hall), Alice in chains’ Mike Starr and jackass star Ryan Dunn.

Thats it for this year,any complaints feel free to address them up your ass.  Any feedback on categories or your own choices feel free to write below.   Have a good 2012 and don’t forget to support your local talent.

GCW Season’s BEATINGS rundown

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Earlier this week GCW held a charity show in their usual haunt Oshawa.  Oshawa is kind of a long drive so I don’t make it to too many shows out that far but I had been to that venue earlier this year for Pro Wrestling Eclipse.  This crowd was bigger and a lot more vocal with a good split of families,old people,ex wrestlers and general assholes like myself.  I showed up minutes into the first match…

Rip Impact won over Ryan Ruks.  Ruks is fairly new to the game with not so many matches under his belt but Rip made this match work.  He got the fans rallying behind him enough to make this match a fun experience even if it wasn’t the most high risk match the fans still dug it.

King Sphynx and the Hardcore Hick defeated Cecil Nyxx(sp?)and Derek Platinum.  This match was fun as you could guess from the first teams names.  Nothing to complain about here but I don’t really remember much besides SPhynx getting his chin cock torn off early in the bout.  Hick got a lot of good heat from the crowd  and both teams kept this match interesting before the random team pulled out the win with a lowblow with some confusion.  Hicks cowbell came into the match at the end distracting the ref before the lowblow and pin.

Onyx squashed D-man in the next match

I’d never seen Onyx before but he put on a good showing here.  The fans all cheered for the much smaller D-man initially.  I wasn’t sure if Onyx was really trying to be a bad guy at the beginning but his friends in the crowd booed him so I assumed he was.  He’s a pretty built guy who threw D Man around a bit before DMan went in for a big splash to be GORED for a huge fan response.  At this point Onyx had all the fans behind him he scored a spinning powerbomb and went home the winner.  Good little match here a lot of times indys steer clear from squash-ish matches but this one was fun and helped keep the momentum of the show flowing.

Twiggy vs.Shane Matthews vs. Kevin Steen was up next.

After the break wasTomer Shalom with his manger of the night challenging anyone in the back and out came GCW BRASSKNUCKLES CHAMPION Buck Gunderson.  This match was dope my daughter came in midmatch and thought it was one of the more exciting matches she’d seen which is something I guess since she gets dragged to a fair bit of shows.  This match had tables chairs and even a little flame if it isn’t here the match should be uploaded here soon enough.  Tomer Shalom said this was one of his last matches in Canada which is kind of shitty since I won’t get to chop his chest(check my yt page if you don’t know why I’d want to)in lol or see if he can steal more shows like he did here.

Bastion Snow vs. Vanilla Gorilla Steve Brown was next.  Snows gimmick is he’s a crab a snow crab I suppose with spikes on his back and a chest plate to protect him I suppose.  Brown may have thought he was getting some good heel heat in this one but really no one gave a shit and his exit was the only interesting part.  He got in the face of some fans and one equally out of shape blob stood in his face and got a laugh out of more than a few fans in attendance(cuz Brown looked more clownish than usual for a “pro” in pleather shorts and nikes lol) but most were just thankful he left.  A fat man vs. food match had a lot more potential on paper than this it just fell flat as the only misstep on the card.

Shawn Spears came out for his match next amping up the crowd and introducing his partner who said she went to school in Oshawa and vowed she would NEVER COME BACK!  Now here she was, the original opponents for the night Derek Wylde and Cherry Bomb were announced as not there but were replaced by Brent B and Seleziya Sparx who both seem to make there ways onto my site on almost every card they’re on.  Which means I think there consistently entertaining and worth watching so check back here in a minute for that match if its not up when you read this.

All in all a super solid show worth checking out on DVD if they make one *shrugs* fun stuff throughout the show that kept the 130 fans into mostly everything put in front of them.  Good stuff here with matches like these I may have to make the trip to the SHWA more often.


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UFC Japan Poster

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I thought this was cool enough to post *shrugs* I’m looking forward to the lw title match and any PRIDE reminiscent moments they might throw in for the die hards.

GCW December 27th

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It’s the BIGGEST bash of the year !

We end 2011 by bringing you the largest gathering of GCW wrestlers assembled anywhere at one time ! And its all for YOU ! Our amazing fans !



A special 3 WAY between ROH’s Mr Wrestling KEVIN STEEN, the current INTER SPECIES WRESTLING Champion TWIGGY and one half of the most decorated tag team in the history of their own mind, 2.0, CHIKARA’s own SHANE MATTHEWS ****

This is History in the making ! Another MATCH OF THE YEAR and only at GCW ! Tickets are still on sale and only $15 in advance ! Get Them NOW !