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Saturday in Brantford has plenty of FIGHTS BEFORE CHRISTMAS with two big shows taking place in the same town.  The first show announced was the GCW show with RHYNO and the long waited return of Hayden Avery and the other is Brantfords MCW teaming up with local juggernaut CWI to deliver another exciting show.  Their poster has Honky Tonk Man on it but on Facebook he has said he won’t be attending so some shake ups may occur on that show.  Some people have told me the shows are at the same time hopefully MCW isn’t just trying to bully GCW from running their territory and planning a show last minute which could potentially burn out the Brantford fans for awhile.


Score Fighting Series in Sarnia

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The Score Fighting Series returns this month with a night of action December 3rd.  The fights taped at the previous show I reported on from Hamilton are now online as well if you missed any of those bouts or want to relive the action.

John Alessio vs. Ryan Healy
John Fraser vs. Travis Reddinger
Chris Clements vs. Rich Clementi

Several familiar names to UFC fans are seen in the main events as well as local John Fraser.

Jesse Gross (6-2) vs. Daron Cruickshank (9-2)

Ali Mokdad (4-1) vs. Misha Cirkunov (4-1)

Jesse Ronson (7-2) vs. Tony Hervey (12-10)

Ryan Dickson (1-0) vs. Josh Taveirne (2-1)

Joel Paquette (0-0) vs. Jason Meisel (1-0)

Clint Kingsbury (2-0) vs. Randy Turner (4-2)

Craig Hudson (0-1) vs. Blake Nash (1-0)

Kyle Prepolec (2-1) vs. Jeff Harrison (5-4)

Good luck to Ronson,Dickson,Cirkunov and Gross in their respective bouts as well.


Fight of the year?

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Its almost December so with thats there is usually a lot of talk about what was the fight of the year.  Last year UFC thought of Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen as their FOTY(where I thought Silva wasn’t ever in danger).  Luckily last week we had two very strong contenders one Bellators instant fight of the year with Michael Chandler unseating former champ Eddie Alvarez.  The other being UFCs BEST FIGHT EVER of Shogun Rua taking on other Pride Vet Dan Henderson.  Both were fights I’ve rewatched several times since.  So to any fight fans out there I ask what was your BEST FIGHT EVER?  As well what was fight of THIS year?  Let me know what ya think and see ya at the cage.

Mick Foley HARDCORE Comedy show

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This Friday at the Toronto Underground Cinema home to Ontarios own WRESTLECRISIS hardcore legend and notable author Mick Foley takes the stage and will milk every cheap pop he can no doubt.  Its 20 bucks a person and more info is easily found on facebook.  If you don’t go but live in the Toronto area the Underground cinema is a fun spot to check out regardless for a good retro movie vibe.

Mayhem vs. Bisping this weekend

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This weekend the UFC wraps up their latest season of The Ultimate Fighter.  The two coaches Mayhem Miller and Michael Bisping are headlining the finale in what should be a decent main event.  This season for me was one of the better ones in the last few years with the featherweights and bantamweights really bringing the action and the coaches really bringing the drama.  Bisping showed himself to be the asshole we all want to hate and Mayhem played the playful annoyance we all know someone like.  I can see why the UFC thought they would make good tv and be a good fight BUT for trainers?  The fighters could do better.  No hate intended for either but Bisping no showed several weigh ins and at least one practice and Mayhem seemed to be real relaxed and just not the class of fighter we’ve seen coach in the past.

Neither of the coaches have been champion neither will be and probably aren’t in the top 5 in the middleweight division.  Even Chris Leben who recently got busted for not passing a drug test on his last fight probably has more of a chance at a Silva rematch then either do at this point.  I liked the season and the two will probably have an interesting fight I just feel more excited for the actual finals then the headline match up.

Mayhem hasn’t even shown what he brings to the table in UFC and he’s coaching a team of also new UFC fighters?  Seems a little weak.  Bisping made his name off TUF so it makes sense to bring him back but remembering back to his training on the show he proved himself far from responsible and this year wasn’t different.  So why put these two on as MMA role models?  don’t know after watching the whole season lets hope the drama will translate into the fight we want and not a midcard caliber fight for a main event over young hungry fighters who deserve the exposure.  I’m rooting for Mayhem in this one though Bisping has run his mouth long enough and hasn’t been impressive in awhile heres hoping Mayhem can debut in a devastating fashion and knock the brit out of the top ten.

GWN FINAL CONFLICT results and review

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My last GWN review was seen as somewhat controversial this one will surely be different.  Nothing too drastic here the same ol’ school goodness every month from the good folks at GWN(even though they don’t return til late Feb.).  I brought my friend who sleeps on my couch from time to time and works out with me who is not a fan.  His only frame of reference to wrestling were all the Ring N Ears shows we went to in the late 90s. So he saw a split leg moonsault and related that to Jamie Jackson well he said Sexy baby but ya…I like to hear Ontario indys made some impact on him lol.

First match saw Mad Dog Emory and The Falcors lose to Danger Boy,WILDFIRE Tommy Birch and BAM BAM ROCKY GIOVANNI.  This match was a lot to take in for a first match at points it dragged on and others people came in the ring and seemed almost confused as to what to do.  My favorite part of this match was Danger Boy delivering 5 random snap mares in a row at one point.  Good stuff.

Baron Mike Lutz took on debuting Joey Allen both men came out to Rammstien but it was clear who was the fan favorite here.  My friend noticed most of GWNs matches have a fat guy vs. fit guy story he could get behind being somewhere in the middle lol.  He thought the fit guys should go over more and have less fat guys I reassured him the 80s were still alive here and we all wanted to see the fat guys get slammed in the end(how many times has Donovan slammed Brown now?)  Allen made a good debut here with some fans really showing some love for the athletically gifted Serb.  I hope he’s not a one shot deal like some others who have passed through GWN but you never now what GWNS going to give you and you can’t be mad at that.  In the end the evil Baron wouldn’t relinquish a figure Dave Clarke(my favorite ref)changed the decision to a DQ win for Allens first match.  Igor Sonovoich was NOT happy he threw his jacket off at the end of the first match and was equally upset after this one.

Next GWN womens champion Kaitlyn Diemond took on challenger Jewels Malone once again.  These two met at the last show with Diemond embarassing Malone and refusing to continue the match.  My boy thought Malone would win in a “real fight” because she looks like she does heavy squats and likes it rough..I knew I dragged him along for a reason.  This match had some intensity to it Diemonds music said she would STOMP and CHOKE today and that she did.  This match was pretty one sided with Diemond eventually slapping and choking Jewells out with a leather belt leading to a dq.  This match was my boys favorite he expected soft unrealistic action with cheesecake shots and sillyness instead he got a “David Carradine finish” that will probably stand with “sexy baby” as indy crazyness not to be forgotten.

The new team of REVELATION RACK AND RUIN beat former GWN tagchamps AFTERSHOCK in the match of the day.  Aftershock kind of disappeared without a fair blowoff in my mind so it was good to see them back.  Whether or not they will continue to be in GWN or feud for the titles  I have no clue but if they put on matches like this and the one on a card before against the Hollywood Hunks they’re surely worth their spot on the GWN roster.  Revelation had long arm tassles that looked like floggers with the falcors pulp fiction GIMP look,the ladies leather bout and these there were quite a few too many s and m references for me lol.  RACK or Wreck I’m not sure which generates lots of heat wherever he goes so its always good to see him try and do something new and expand past his character most are used to(CK Sexx).

IN the main event LUCKY CHARMS Donovan Jack O’Shea beat Silverback Shawn Brown in a CAGE Brown had tried to win sneaky but got turned around and scored a backslide win.  Afterwards Igor Sonovovich had to endure 5 minutes in the cage with LUCKY CHARMS himself due to a stipulation.  Igor had a contingency plan though with Baron Von Lutz coming out and trying to save his manager leading to Wildfire Tommy Burch coming out and joining in on the beating stomping on the fallen hero to most in the crowd.  Two months ago Burch took on O’Shea and there was some respect surely the next time the two meet there will not be the same courtesy.  As interesting as the Burch heel turn was Silverback Shawn Brown coming to the aid of arch nemesis for at least a year Donovan Jack O’Shea shaking his hand and challenging his ex allegiance the HOUSE OF IGOR for the next card.

FEB.26 Ukrainian all GWN returns with SILVERBACK and LUCKY CHARMS vs. WILDFIRE and the Baron who will claim supremacy over the GWN ranks?  The House of Igor or will the champion Donovan Jack be too much for all of them once again?  Come out and see in February.

NEO SPIRIT PRO this Saturday

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Matches announced include Tag Champs THE PISSBEATERS taking on Brad FREAKIN Martin and Phil Atlas.

Scotty O’Shea vs. Scotty Turner in a Scotty vs. Scotty lightweight affair and Nick Vickers vs. The always underestimated Andrew Davis plus many more matches announced by new owner Derek Wylde as the show goes on.  Will these be NSPs Darkest days?  Or a new dawn of Ontario indy greatness?  I’ll have a write up afterwards see you there.