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Hamilton Zombie walk 2011

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Saturday October 29th(my birthday also Dan Castellaneta’s and Mr Wonderful himself Paul Orndorff)marked the day for this years annual Hamilton Zombie walk.  The route was different from last year and was shorter and felt kind of uneventful at the end (in that we were just randomly in a field).  I liked that the walk lead to an actually haunted place in Dundurn castle where many were killed in battle many years ago.  Even across the street there are stories of ghost encounters at the Admiral Inn with lost soldiers walking aimlessly.  Ghost stories aside this walk wasn’t all that last years was but was fun nonetheless would have just liked there to be something more to be part of as well as the fun of going through the mall.  Happy halloween.



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Is streaming live on THESCORE.COM October 28th at 7 o’ clock here’s how the card looks…

Nathan Gunn (8-2) vs. Nabil Khatib (11-6) – Wreck Welterweight Title Fight

Nick Denis (9-2) vs. Nick Mamalis (22-7)

Lee Mein (5-10) vs. Rolles Gracie (4-1)

Mike Reilly (3-1) vs. Remi Morvan (7-6)

Kyle Prepolec (1-0) vs. Mustafa Khalil (3-1)

Brandt Dewsberry (6-1-1) vs. Chris St-Jean (3-2)

Andrew Cseh (2-2) vs. Randy Turner (2-1)

Pablo Santos (0-1) vs. Johnny Zemouli (0-0)

James Haourt (3-6) vs. Jeff Harrison (4-4)

Paul Cressaty (0-1) vs Derek Boase (0-0)

Tyson Dux seminar

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Many an Ontario star has gone on to me about how much they’ve learned from this man and upped their game now you can too.  Check it out.

FIGHT! next Sunday

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‘Nuff said.

GWN and Alpha 1 Wrestling results and reviews

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Earlier today(Sunday October 23rd 2011)was a big day for pro wrestling in my city Wrestling Thats From Hamilton is always best in my eyes but I’m patriotic and don’t care.

I made my hour long walk out to GWN and had already missed a couple matches an opener with Ruin vs. JK 47 and a match Mad dog Emery lost or so I was told.

I entered to an all out tag rumble with The house of Igors teams battling outside the ring as chaos took hold over the match.  I guess it was ruled a no contest *shrugs*.

GWN womens champion Kaitlyn Diemond retained her title by count out as she wouldn’t get back into the ring to finish fighting Jewels Malone.  Who was debuting and seemingly put on the spot to do a promo saying she was related to Donovan Jack O ‘shea which lead to a pop despite her mis saying his name.  She screwed up a couple bulldogs as well.

Danger Boy beat SILVERBACK Shawn Brown by DQ this matches highlight being a superplex that sounded like it broke the ring.  I’m unsure what happened but the ring did appear broken for a minute.

Donovan Jack O’shea defended his title against WILDFIRE Tommy Burch.  This match was good old fashioned holds trading and for awhile a beatdown against the younger Burch.  In the end Shawn Brown stole the title which lead to a faceoff between The house of IGOR and the men who just had a grueling match.  D.J challenged Brown for a cage match at the next show where if he won he would get 5 minutes with IGOR.

This show wasn’t bad it seems to have become a hip thing to do online to try and bury GWN but they always deliver what you expect from them and maybe one match finish(I saw) is a little low for a show and no one wants to see a face vs. face main event but all in all their shows always seem to work out.  Even with the defection of some of their diehard fans to Alpha 1 this Sunday afternoon they still drew 140 fans which was roughly the same as A1.

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Next show was Alpha 1 someone had told me this show was scheduled to be the WRESTLEMANIA of A1 so why not attend?  They don’t always have a product that makes sense and their matches are ten minutes too long usually but why not go check it out?  They booked Kevin Steen and Davey Richards two of the best in the world why not go see them?

Their last show was reported to me as their longest yet and this show went over that by a 1/2 hour.  Many  were there for some pre-ppv action,this show went into the time the ppv started leaving a few fans more than a little pissed off.  Being an indy fan I had no idea people still cared so much about the WWE.  Owell to each their own and thats what I think going to A1 shows.  If the fans like this cool but it never really connects with me,outside of Hacker who always does that very well.

Hacker was in the first match as well against JUSTIN SANE winning a match that reminded me of the old UWA opening matches and reminded me why I think of A1 as a poor mans UWA ripoff.  With that said I like this one better than most of the other bouts.  Postmatch Brodie Lee came out and kicked Sane and beat him down.  Alessandro Del Bruno came out next challenging Brodie for his zero gravity title later in the night since Steen wasn’t there. ….Steen wasn’t there?  Nice to know promoters.  He was wrestling the night before in California in a ladder match against El Generico which I have no doubts will be an epic encounter.  I knew this the bookers must have.  I guess they just wanted to string in some fans who wouldn’tve come otherwise.  Classy move A1.

PSYCHO Mike Rollins beat Michael Elgin in an all over the venue NO DQ match.  I couldn’t see anything that happened on the balcony but this matches highlight was Rollins slamming Elgin onto a ladder then Elgin overhead spinebustering him onto a ladder.  I thought this would be MOTN unless some sort of fuckery messed it up.  It wasn’t really MOTN though and no fuckery came into effect *shrugs*.

Next was an over the top rope royal rumble style match with people coming out every 30 seconds.  The best wrestlers in this match were Brent B and Cheech but I knew they wouldn’t win so I didn’t know who to think would win.  An A1 only wrestler probably was my guess knowing how A1 books like crap.  …and I was right the winner was Magnum a Barry Darsow looking grub from Hamilton.

Johnny Wave beat Ethan Page in the next FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL!!!  Prior to this match I asked why it was happening what lead to the drama of a FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL and no A1 fan could really give me a good answer I asked is it because Page just wants to wrestle whoever will make him look good and got people looking at their shoes.  So there was my answer I expected a table spot in this match because tables are cool and Page has to always look cool over anything else in the ring.  So a table broke, should be the finish right?  Nope they went another over five minutes setting up fake finishes no one cared about.  This was probably the match that killed my buzz the most too long to get me back into another “epic war”.  If you’re going to do a long match make it worth the fans time not predictable and with enough COOL SPOTS for YOU to feel like the man.

Next match saw Brodie Lee lose to Zero Gravity champion Alessandro Del Bruno.  Magnum after the match gave up his title shot he won in the earlier rumble and gave it to Brodie for an instant rematch which he won.  This match was interesting for maybe 7 minutes and the segment wen on for what seemed like a 1/2 hour.  Too many last minute matchmaking to make me excited for whatever they’re setting up.  I’d rather see a rematch once Brodies not had a match than another chance right after he loses.  The same could be said for Elgin returning and doing two more matches despite already losing.

CHECKMATE defeated A1 tag champs(to earn the much coveted WWE wing belts)The Super Smash Brothers in my match of the night.  This would be the only match I’d recommend watching on a DVD someday besides Elgin/Rollins or the main maybe.  Back and forth tag action with lots of double teams,near falls and highspots made this the can’t miss MOTN.

From here on out everything dragged a little.  Elgin comes out telling u Richards isn’t there.  Funny a ref told me at intermission Richards/Alexander would be MOTY.  Maybe would’ve been nice to know when I bought my $15 ticket that neither of the talent I really wanted to see would be on the bill.  Owell I AM made of money for mediocre shows right?   They didn’t offer any kind of refund either cause who wouldn’t want to watch A1 action?  THIS GUY!! THATS WHO.  …and then they would’ve actually had to give out refunds considering I saw four people complaining after that they would’ve taken refunds instead of 3 Elgin matches.  Shady business practices aside….

Elgin challenged Brodie Lee to a title match for his newly won zero gravity title.  He surely earned it with his earlier loss.  BUT HEY the fans wanted to see ROH superstars thats what they’d get even if it was the same one over and over again.  This match was pretty decent if I hadn’t just seen Brodie wrestle two matches maybe I would’ve been more into it.  It was entertaining,just too much after all we’d sat through already.  In the end Elgin won.  Leading champion Josh Alexander out to the ring Elgin challenged him to a title vs. title match.  I assumed it was for the next show to build some sort of interest or intrigue in this match but nope they wrestled now.  Inducing many a yawn from me and others in the crowd who anticipated Davey Richards for 3+hours to see Elgin go for the third time and obviously lose to the fresher Josh Alexander.  Who won with two underhook piledrivers.




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Halloween Havoc the mma event Global Warriors is promoting on October 29th has a main event announced.  Jesse THE BODYSNATCHER Ronson takes on TUF alum Nick Lentz.

UFC 140 also has a new bout added to it with Yves Jabouin facing Walel Watson.

Wrestling this weekend

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This shows main event is a 3way w/Johny Wave vs. Rip Impact vs. Justin Sane

This shows main event is DAVEY RICHARDS vs. A1 champ Josh Alexander ,Kevin Steen vs. ZERO GRAVITY champ Allesandro Del Bruno,The Super Smash Bros vs. Checkmate and ELGIN vs/Rollins and much more…The problem being A1s booking they do “big”matches for no reason and little payoff.  It would be cool if they put a title on Steen or a solid finish for Elgin/Rollins but I can’t be too excited for it because it is A1.

Also in Hamilton GWN is running at the Ukrainanin cultural centre.

EW GWN Heavweight Champion DONOVAN JACK O SHEA defends the strap againat GWN Commonweath Champion and the new #1 Contender

Burch has been on a major roll as of late,and O Shea has just come through a brutal war with the former GWN Heavweight Champion SILVERBACK SHAWN BROWN

Can the talented young challenger maintain his momentum and grab the top prize,or will O Shea’s experience and ring generalship spell the difference?

On October 23 find out!
Advance tickets as always are 8 Dollars,tickets at the door 10 Dollars.
All tickets are general admission seating