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GROVE vs. SILVA and HORNBUCKLE vs. Zaromskis October 14th

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According to the main event for the Score Fighting Series show in Hamilton on October 14th has been announced as Jay Silva takes on former TUF winner Kendall Grove.  Another potential fight of the night will be Bellators Dan hornbuckle taking on DREAM star Marius Zaromskis in what will no doubt be an epic war.  Hamiltons Dennis Puric finally makes his Ontario debut as well against Ryan Brigham who trains under Lee Mein in Lethbridge.  Alex Ricci is also fighting,against Jimmy Donahue who’s 2-2 out of  St.Louis.  Lyndon Whitlock is fighting Tristan Johnson.  Rory Mcdonell has found an opponent in Eric Moon as well.   Wagney Fabiano was reported previously as being on this card but is dealing with an injury keeping him out of the cage until a future SCORE fighting Series event.

Another c0uple fights announced this week for Ontario are a few new developments for the Bellator 57 card at Casino Rama.  The fans will be treated to the welterweight tournament finals.  Which so far is down to four men Ben Saunders vs. Luis SAPO Santos and Douglas Lima vs. Chris Lozano.

Santos wife Carina Damm  has also been added to the bill in a womens bout facing another MMA wife undefeated Zoila Gurgel.  John Hawk and Roger THE HULK Hollett are also fighting on the card in a light heavyweight affair.

UFC 140 in TORONTO has a new fight as well featuring Krysztof Soszynski against IGOR POKRAJAC.  Both are coming off wins and wants to impress on their way up the UFC ladder.


Anderson Silva:Pound for pound king?

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Whenever MMA fans talk about the next big fights the one people always bring up excitedly is Anderson Silva’s.  No matter who dares stare across the cage from him people care.  Partially to see what kind of action the mans capable of next.  His bee swat KO of Forrest Griffin,the crane kick,the Leben KO any of his fights really have had people talking for the next couple of weeks.  Mainly asking who can stop him?  None have really come close the closest being Sonnen who didn’t realize he wasn’t the cat in their cat and mouse chase and got quickly tapped.

The other point of interest for fans is the idea of a champion vs. champion scenario.  When asked about the idea of these fights at the CNE in August, Rich Franklin and Mark Hominick both agreed the brass in the UFC are smarter than possibly damaging two champions for one night.   Which is how I’ve always looked at the chance of champ vs. champ fights.  BJ Penn/GSP being the exception becuase Penn has proven himself at numerous weight classes and is a threat to anyone at any size.  The same can be said for Silva who has competed at both light heavyweight and middleweight for the last few years.  The fact he DOES fight at 205 sometimes does leave open the idea of a champ vs. champ situation with Jon Jones.

Jones to me needs a few more wins to even make that fight interesting.   Not that Silva has contenders left.  Brian Stann or Mark Munoz being the only two to come to my mind.  Not that either really stand a chance.  Dan Henderson is also freshly back in the UFC so he would be a contender as well even though he doesn’t want to compete at 185.

None of those wins can elevate him any higher statuswise than he already is except a champ vs. champ fight.  He has held his belt the longest of any champion and is the oldest of them as well.  Almost 40,one has to wonder how many years Silva has left in him dominating the sport he’s king of.  Surely he’ll take smart fights to keep his name and bank account soaring past whatever less than ten fights he has left in him.

MMA Weekend afterthoughts

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Last weekend may have been the busiest week in mixed martial arts in a long time with UFC,StrikeForce,Bellator,Titan fc and several more indys all running shows.

StrikeForces Challengers show on the 23rd was highlighted by the main event win for undefeated Lorenz Larkin.  Shawn Jordan showed his submission skills in the second round of his bout and a 3 round return to the win column for the son of a legend,Ryan Couture.  Nick Rossborough who lost in the main event showed he can perform on a big stage as well and isn’t “just” 6’5.  Jason High opened the show with a somewhat unimpressive 3rd round win.  The commentators were suggesting he make his fights more exciting if he wants back on the big shows(UFC,DREAM)and I have gotta agree.  Even though I think stating someones not exciting is as good as saying “what you’re watching is boring”.  Which comes off as bad commentary to me at least.

Titan FC also ran a show that night with a main event where the commentators went further than the usual.  Suggesting throughout the fight neither man was even in contention for ZUFFA.  The match had alot of mutual respect shown in my view,making the fight stall more than expected for these two headhunters.  The man doing most of the insulting was Michael Schivello(sp?) who is often annoying and didn’t know what omaplata meant earlier in the show.  Not comments I’d expect from Joe Rogan thats for sure.

Here’s a submission I liked off the Titan show.

Saturday had Bellator,DREAM 17 and UFC JONES VS RAMPAGE

If you missed the finish to Bellators show heres the Joe Warren v.Alexis Vila fight its worth a quick look.

Another Bellator 1/4 final bantamweight match was Wilson Reis vs. Eduardo Dantas which ends with quite the flying knee.


DREAM 17s highlights to me at least were the Hansen/Kawajiri fight the main which was predictable but enjoyable as well.  Imanari’s fight and  Inoue/Uno are below enjoy for a dose of the old Japanese warrior spirit.

UFC was according to most people I’ve talked to as being one of the shittier shows the company has put on in awhile.  With last weeks The Ultimate Fighter debut the show on VS this Saturday and the two  this month I’m not going to worry about a less than 100 card.  I think the names weren’t there to draw in the interest of the casual fan past the main events.  The title match made Rampage look old and worn out compared to the younger faster Jones.  Joe Rogan pointed out frequently Rampage has to diversify his game but it didn’t come off as a burial as much as an obvious observation.  In the co main event we found out legend Matt Hughes would not be retiring even though he got knocked out brutally.

One of my favorite bouts was the heavyweight(fatfight)between PRIDE legend Mark Hunt and Ben Rothwell where the elevation of the arena came into effect.  Its either that or in true fat fight fashion the bigger man gases and gets picked apart,which is what happened here.

Dominant performances from all the Saturday main event winners equals a good weekend of mma as far as I’m concerned but as is always the way the fight I’m looking forward to most is the next one.  Soooo…with that said Shinya Aoki already has a next opponent in 155 monster Eddy Alvarez which will be a huge interpromotional war.  Jones will probably fight the winner of SHOGUN RUA vs. Dan Henderson which got announced this week as well.  Which will be a great test for Ruas consistency.  Hendo’s not exactly the kind of fighter you can fight half heartedly since his whole style is grinding the life out of people lol.  The Bellator bantamweight tournament continued with two of the favorites eliminated early so that to peaks interest building upto the finals.

September was good but here’s to October being better with the UFC on VS. show,TUF,Edgar/Maynard,SCORE FIGHTING at Hamilton Place(14th) and the events on my bday the 29th, GSP/Condit(which I might fly out to see)and a Global Warriors show in conjunction with Adrenaline Training Center in London(plan B)featuring Eric Attard amongst others.

Bellator 51 DREAM 17 this weekend

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The UFC isn’t the only big MMA show this weekend Bellator and DREAM both have shows as well(as does KOTC..w/Severn nonetheless,BAMMA USA and a few others)

For Bellator the quarter final Bantamweight tournament action looks like…

Joe Warren vs. Alexis Vila
Ed West vs. Luis Alberto Nogueira
Wilson Reis vs. Eduardo Dantas
Marcos Galvao vs. Chase Beebe
Other bouts on the show include
Jessica Eye vs. Casey Noland
Frank Caraballo vs. Dustin Kempf
John Hawk vs. Allan Weickert
Jessie Riggleman vs. Farkhad Sharipov
Dane Bonnigson vs. Dan Spohn
Joey Holt vs. Clint Musser

Many are excited for the Bellator return of Joe Warren a former Bellator tourney champion who has set his sights on the new lower weight class tournament thats underway this weekend.  My hopes are to see him fight in Bellator at Casinorama in November but you never know where Bellator will be in their tournament by then.

As much as I’m looking forward to some of those fights I’m more excited for the DREAM 17 show which airs at 3 am.  That card looks like…

Shinya Aoki vs. Rob McCullough
Tatsuya Kawajiri vs. Joachim Hansen
Caol Uno vs. Takeshi Inoue
Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Yan Cabral
Satoru Kitaoka vs. Willamy Freire
Kazuhiro Nakamura vs. Gerald Harris
Ikuhisa Minowa vs. Baru Harn

Dream Bantamweight World Grand Prix Quarterfinals
Hideo Tokoro vs. Antonio Banuelos
Bibiano Fernandes vs. Takafumi Otsuka
Masakazu Imanari vs. Abel Cullum
Yusup Saadulaev vs. Rodolfo Marques

Hansen,Kawajiri and Aoki have been favorites of mine since the BUSHIDO days and always bring the action.  The Uno and Imanari fights should be entertaining as well.  Feel free to reply with predictions or feedback on either of these shows.

GWN returns this Sunday

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At the Ukrainian Hall in Hamilton Ontario at 1:30 p.m GWN action takes over once again here’s the rundown.

In GWN’s next big Event,the following match has been signed.

A match unique in the History of GWN-Based on the British/European
system which is conducted similiar to boxing and Mixed Martial Arts

A 5 round fight,consiting of 5 minutes per round,2 of 3 falls(pinfalls and submissions)with NO DISQUALIFICATION


Also,a tournament to fill the currently vacant GWN Commonwealth Championship has been ordered by Commisioner JOHNNY RIEL

The particpants are as follows-the High Flying Sensation DANGER BOY
Dynamic Young Star on the rise TOMMY “WILDFIRE BURCH”
Former GWN Commonwealth Champion and member of THE HOUSE OF IGOR,BARON MIKKEL VON LUTZ
Newcomer to the GWN ranks,”MAD DOG”MIKE EMORY

Here’s a video I captured with GWN’s lead villain IGOR SONOVOVICH who will no doubt have an effect on the main event if not more of these match ups.

UFC 135 rundown

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This Saturday UFC is having another big night of fights headlined by Jon Jones vs. Rampage Jackson.  Those two have verbally been going back and forth since the fight has been signed.  Jones wants to be the person to finish Rampage as well Rampage wants his LHW title back.  They even met on Jimmy Kimmel live this week with Dr. Phil. Below is the crappiest link I could find for ya 😉

Jones has been tearing up the LHW ranks in the UFC since he debuted.  Many wonder if he can take the pressure of such a hyped personal fight.  Rampage always does his best to get in his opponents head and he didn’t quit with this fight,Jones however seems unaffected by Jacksons immature and confident he can beat the LHW title curse.

Another big fight which I think can steal the show is Nate Diaz taking on Takanori Gomi.  Gomi has lost twice to Nates brother Nick in Pride two of the most entertaining fights I’d seen in PRIDE(which is saying alot).  Gomi a Japanese fighter who embodies their warrior spirit surely wants to gain some sort of revenge with a devastating win.  Nate has been hot and cold lately in the octagon and needs this win to stay in any kind of title contention.  The UFC hasn’t shown much interest in promoting Japanese fighters in the past so unless this is the war I don’t doubt it will be I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone get dropped if they end up on the losing side(especially relatively early in the fight).

Matt Hughes also steps into the UFC cage for what might be his last time.  Hughes is at the end of his contract with UFC and doesn’t see too many more fights left that excite him.  He’s said openly in the past he doesn’t want to fight former ULTIMATE FIGHTER competitors and other midcard welterweights.  Despite his complaints Hughes has a former TUFer facing him come Saturday night.  That fighter is always hated Josh Koscheck, coming off a loss at the end of last year to welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre Josh will have alot to prove after that disappointment to show he can hang with the upper echelon athletes in MMA.   Hughes would seem to be the best candidate for that job he’s shut up more than his share of  trashtalkers and naysayers in his years.  If this is his last fight there’s no way Hughes won’t be giving 100% to stop his goofy haired opponent.

In Heavyweight action undefeated Travis Browne looks to keep that record in tact against Wolfs Lair tough guy Rob Broughton.  Broughton has been fighting for years and impressing in the UK and this is an opportunity he’ll have to take advantage of .  Or else his 6’7 adversary from Hawaii will make it along night for “the Bear” and remain with his record unscathed.

Another Heavyweight bout is the return of  New Zealand kickboxer Mark Hunt.  The iron jawed monster will have his hands full however with former IFL juggernaut BIG Ben Rothwell.  Neither men will be making appearances in any modern fitness magazines but both have proven themselves time again as warriors who leave it all in the cage.  This match up should be no different if BIG BEN wants to be smart he’ll try for a takedown and use his weight to wear down Hunt and eventually work for a sub.  Or perhaps he’ll use a Randy Couture-esque gameplan and wear Hunt ddown on the cage before blasting bombs on him.  Eitherway I think the fight could go to either man since Hunt is one of the last fighters you’d ever want to count out(on the feet)and Ben has shown consistent hunger in all of his pro mma tilts.

Other bouts on the undercard look like…

Canadian NICK RING vs. Tim Boetsch

TUF champ Tony Ferguson vs. Aaron Riley
Cole Escovedo vs. Takeya Mizugaki
Ricardo Romero vs. James Te Huna
Junior Assuncao vs. Eddie Yagin

New Ontario fights announced

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Added to the UFCs December 10th Toronto return local favorite Mark Hominick takes on the always popular KOREAN ZOMBIE Chan Sung Jung.

As well The Score Fighting Series card on November 14th at Hamilton Place is shaping more as days go by with Wagney Fabiano being announced a shaving a bout as well as bouts like Burlingtons Adam Assenza taking on Caledonias Jason Meisel.  Much talked about MMA prospect Misha Cirkunov has found an opponent as well in Ali THE MONSTER Mokdad who shares a record with the same wins (4)with only one loss.  Local Will Romeros opponent has been named as well in Stephane Bernadel both favor keeping a fight on the feet so the fireworks should explode in Hamilton November 14th.