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Global Warriors UPRISING

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Bellator 47 from Casinorama results and review

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Tonight I took in my second mma show in Ontario with Bellators Ontario debut BELLATOR 47.  Having that many events Bellator has made a name for itself as a hungry alternative to the UFC brand,I relate it to the old IFL due to TV visibility(both were on networks from time to time through syndication or paid commercials).  One of the first people who comes to my mind when thinking IFL was on this show as well Chris Horodecki.  The IFL series introduced us to the young fighter and he continued to show the world his skills tonight.  The show I attended tonight was aired on MTV2 and the Score live.  The venue was Casinorama the last event I’d seen there was MArtin Short nine years ago probably.  He interviewed Darryl Sitler I don’t see how any Canadian couldn’t get into that.  There was supposed to be 9 fights two of them didn’t happen the Cruickshank and Puric fights no one explained why or seemed to mind eitherway though.

The first three fights were featuring local fighters Alex Ricci took on Alka Matewa beating him in the second round with strikes on the ground.

Announced as from Hamilton but billed as from Stoney Creek on the fight card Will Romero beat Dan Langbeen in a 3 round fight with both men trading positions often.  Lots of Hamilton fans and general support for Will a good 2 and a half hours away(I got there in 1:45).

Alexendre Bezarra mauled Adrenaline training centers Jesse Gross in what must have been the upset of the night considering all the hype behind Gross lately.  A first round minute loss to a rear naked choke wasn’t exactly how I was expecting this fight to go but its MMA anything can happen.

After an intermission we were live on tv with a match up between two heavyweight headhunters I had been looking forward to a sloppy slugfest all week and that it was.  When I came back from intermission I noticed MMA legend GARY GOODRIDGE was  now sitting behind me,his insight on what was going on was pretty entertaining.  A heavyweight slugfest commentated by one of the kings of the genre..pretty cool.  Grove smashed his way through Jensen in the first round leaving Jensen stil with only one fight going out of the 1st round.

Chris Horodecki beat Chris Saunders in a 3 round battle that some fans were really excited for before hand but booed and chanted boring at later.  It was pretty annoying to most people I think.  Me and Gary weren’t impressed.

After another intermission Marlon Sandro advanced in the Bellator featherweight tournament beating Nazareno Malegarie by judges decision.

All fights were scored 30-27 that went the distance I don’t know how much that happens but it shows why you can’t leave the fights to the judges.

In the main event Pat Curran edged out Ronnie Mann with a unanimous decision victory.  This fight was pretty good but the problem with it was by the 2nd round people were leaving LOTS of people.  Some were yelling they sucked as they left.  I’m sure it came off poorly on tv as fans who were the most enthusiastic earlier were gone rounds before the decision came in?  I wasn’t feeling the bad sportsmanship at all.  There was a fight with two people risking themselves really for your entertainment and you boo and walk out?  This is the bad attitude people associate with Canadians in sports no need to make it worse.  Why would any promotion want to run here if we just boo and riot?

Anyways enjoy the pics the people i’m posed with are Josh Rosenthal(ufc),Chris Horodecki and Gary Goodridge..if you like the BIG DADDY FIGHT CLUB t shirt Goodridge is wearing hit up his website and I’m sure he can hook you up.  If your feeling my Kimurawear t hit up Fight Zone in Jackson Square Hamilton maybe the 20$ KW sale will continue lol.

Best Wishes…

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…Go out to the CROW DAVID LOISEAU on his first title defense at TACHI PALACE Fights 1o.  August 5th in Lemoore California the Canadian former UFC mw contender and current TACHI champion.  Facing Brazilian ARM COLLECTOR Giva Santana “The Crow” won’t have any easy task.  Loiseaus has always demonstrated alot of heart and perseverance unmatched by most,knowing Santana has won all but 4 of his 16(or 15)fights via armbar its no mystery where Giva will want to take the fight.  Unfortunately for him Loiseau is a very confident striker and could make this a very long fight for the brazilian if need be.  If you ever doubted Loiseau check out his documentary he starred in with welterweight UFC champion Georges St.Pierre it really shows the depth of what fighters have to go through to make there dreams come true in the ever changing world of mixed martial arts.  Heres a link if you haven’t seen it yet.

Haywire trailer

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DROOLS 😛  My girl thinks Meisha Tates hotter but Caranos my “CRUSH” for life lol.

Rory MacDonalds next test

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With the last few posts revolving around Canadian MMA I thought B.C standout Rory Macdonald deserves a mention as well.  Coming off a decision win over Nate Diaz the young “Ares” feels he still has alot to prove to the UFC faithful.  August 6th at UFC 133 he takes on Xtreme Coutures Mike QUICKSAND Pyle,a journeyman who has seen all the highs and lows that come with competing at the upper echelons of sport brings.  Losing his first fight to a RAMPAGE ing Quinton Jackson followed by a win over Jon Fitch of all people.  Throughout his ups and downs its been clear Pyle if anything is a good measuring stick for how talented his opposition is.

MacDonald hasn’t had that many ups and downs he’s fairly new to the game in comparison to Pyle.  Only suffering one loss in his career to former WEC welterweight standout Carlos Condit Rory hasn’t had that much adversity yet in the UFC battling in wars but always seeming like he knows what he’s doing and in control of the action.  The only time that failed was when Condit stole the last seconds of there fight with a tapout.  Will that lack of concentration or seasoning be the downfall for the young Canadian or will MacDonald continue his dominance taking him one step closer to avenging his only career blemish against Condit?  Only time will tell all I know is I’m rooting for Rory regardless.

Best wishes to the Canadian women on StrikeForce

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In the next couple of weeks StrikeForce is gearing up for there big show on the 30th with the main event of Dan Henderson vs. Fedor.   Usually leading upto big shows StrikeForce tends to get there fans hyped with a teaser show to whet there fans appetite for destruction if you will.  The challengers series is what they call these shows and not surprisingly theres one tomorrow(the 17th show in the series).  The co main event on that show is Canadian former womens champ Sarah Kaufman taking on Liz Carmouche who almost stole the title in a recent battle with the woman who took the title from Kaufman in the first place Marloes Coenen)whos fighting number one contender Miesha Tate on the show on the 30th).

On the undercard for the big show on the 30th Ontarios Alexis Davis debuting in StrikeForce against always tough Julie Kedzie whos on a 4 fight win streak and always improving.  This will be Davis first fight on a larger level show shes no stranger to many Ontario MMA fans as she is/was the Raging Wolf FC womens champion(out of Niagara Falls USA) heres hoping she can pull out a big win and get her fight televised as well as show the big decision makers in StrikeForce how Canada represents in the mixed martial arts world.  Theres no denying Canada has some talented women athletes thankfuly StrikeForce sees that and gives us the kinds of fights and fighters people want to see.   Also fighting on the Challengers show are the very impressive Devin Cole and Ovince St Preux who should both continue to carve there names in mma fans brains with there outstanding skills and athleticism.   Catch both shows on Showtime for all the action.

4 big Canadian mma signings

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This week 3 of Canadas most ferocious fighters made some big announcements regarding there upcoming bouts.

Ryan Ford whos coming off a big w over Karo Parysian and MFCs champion just signed on with Bellator.

Jordan Mein fights to keep his winning streak going with a fight with Evangelista Cyborg Santos for the StrikeForce promotion.

As well undefeated middleweight Nick THE PROMISE Ring has agreed to take on Tim Boetsch whos ocming off a decision win over former TUF winner Kendall Grove.

Lastly Sam Stouts next UFC fight has been announced for UFC 137 from Mandalay Bay against knockout artist Dennis Siver.

The last three fights both sound very exciting and good platforms for the young Canadians to show what they can do on a global stage.   With another welterweight tournament looming in Bellators future Ford could be a name people talk about for awhile if involved and successful.