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MMA this weekend

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This week in mixed martial arts there are two cards that might grab the die hard fans attention.   The first is on Friday on Showtime “STRIKEFORCE CHALLENGERS 16” featuring a returning Ryan Couture taking on Matt Ricehouse a main event of Caros Fodor(8-2)vs. James Terry(10-2) and an exciting womens bout featuring Julie Budd vs fellow muay thai enthusiast Germaine De Randamie.  Budd,Terry and Couture all have alot of buzz behind there names so I wouldn’t be surprised to see there opponents go all out.

Lorenz Larkin (10-0) vs. Gian Villante (7-2)
Jason High (14-3) vs. Quinn Mulhern (15-1) Are the other two televised bouts on tap.

UFC makes its return to VS with a stacked card Sunday night.  Headlining is former middleweight contender NATE THE GREAT MARQUARDT in his welterweight debut against the ever hungry RICK HORROR STORY.  A bout that could easily go either way if Nate isn’t careful with his weight cutting Story is the perfect example of someone who can steal a fight and wear a man down.  If Marquardt can get Story to the ground however it could be end of Story for the man who won as recently as last month(against Thiago Alves) in UFC action.

The co main event is a little more easy to call on paper.  Its a heavyweight bout between Cheick Kongo and Pat Barry both men prefer standing and striking to submissions or groundwork.  It won’t be pretty but I’m sure it will satisfy the bloodlust for any vs. fans just watching for blood.

Another match up that could result in bloodshed will be the Matt Brown vs. John Howard fight.  Brown himself hit the internet this week and said blood is very likely here as both men are the type of fighters to go for the w and not lay out a w.

Rounding out the card the televised card is NFL,tuf alum Matt Mitrione fighting the always tough CHRISTIAN MORECRAFT.  This one might be a quick one I could see it go either way as well but nothing pretty in this fight.

On the facebook card starting before the show we’ll get a sure to be epic contest between the returning TYSON GRIFFIN and Manny MANVIL Gamburyan who always deliver the heat in there fights and always aim for the fight of the night prize.

The rest of the FB card looks like

Joe Stevenson (31-13) vs. Javier Vazquez (15-5)
Joe Lauzon (20-6) vs. Curt Warburton (7-2)
Rich Attonito (11-4) vs. Daniel Roberts (12-2)
Nick Lentz (21-3-2) vs. Charles Oliveira (14-1)
Matt Grice (13-3) vs. Ricardo Lamas (9-2)
Michael Johnson (8-5) vs. Edward Faaloloto (2-1)

Lots of TUF alumni on here as UFC likes to give them fair competition to help elevate whatever name value they got from being on SPIKE in the first place.

Javier Vasquez has made his fight with TUF 2s winner Joe Stevenson personal with a online caption contest depicting Stevenson as a bloody baby beaten by BJ Penn.  Stevenson is pretty upset about the pic and has vowed success stating we haven’t seen an angry Joe Stevenson yet so who knows how that will play out.  If Joe gets too angry and loses gas however he might be starring in some new picture caption contests.


GWN “STORM CLOUDS RISING” this Sunday in the steel city

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GWN Championship Wrestling presents it’s next spectacular card to hit Hamilton.

Including a STEEL CITY STREET FIGHT for the womens title and a STEEL CAGE MATCH for the Heavyweight strap.

STEEL CAGE WARFARE—- A Steel City Steel Cage match?  How Could that go well for all involved?


DONOVAN JACK O SHEA and ???    ..No ones knows who the mystery partner is but the GWN faithful are all buzzing hoping its the return of the masked DANGER BOY.

A match to determine the New #1 Contender-‘THE TYRANT”ERIC DAWSON vs “RUGGED”REX ATKINS,with the winner to challenge the GWN Heavyweight Champion in August,whomever that may be

Former GWN Ladies Champion JODI DI MILO has demanded and GWN Commisioner Johnny Riel has granted,for the first time in the history of the GWN Ladies Division,a STREET FIGHT,with new Champion “THE ANTI-DIVA”KAITLYN DIEMOND.The match of course takes place at “STORM CLOUDS RISING”on June 26

AFTERSHOCK(Damien and Drake Styles)defend the GWN Tagteam Titles against THE AMERICAN TITANS

$500 Bet Win in 10 Mins or Less
“Kickin'” Kyle Broox vs. Igor Sonovivich

Tickets available now!8 Dollars in advance,10 at the door.Doors open at 1 PM,Sunday June 26,2011,GWN once again shows why we alone set the standard.

@the Ukrainian Cultural Centre

241 Kenilworth Avenue North
Hamilton, ON

Global Warriors debuting in Hamilton

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Jason Saggo (5-0) vs Jesse Ronson (6-2)
Lyndon Whitlock (4-1) vs TBA
Jason Gorny (4-5) vs Josh Powell (4-1)
Shawn Levesque (1-0) vs Troy Wilton (2-1)
Josh Hill (6-0) vs. Mike Roberts (4-3-1)
Alan Wilson (1-0) vs Eric Attard (3-1)
Shane Campbell (2-1) vs. TBA
Ryan Dickson (0-0) vs. Brett Biederman (1-2)

Pro Wrestling ECLIPSE June 19th results

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In front of a smaller crowd of less then 100 in Oshawa Ontario Pro Wrestling Eclipse had an event called “You gotta see this”.   The name was probably because of the huge main event of two of RING OF HONORs finest clashed in a 1 fall no title match.  The crowd was solidly behind Davey before the announcer even got in the ring Fathers day might have caused less people to show up but whoever did wasn’t disappointed.   The show opened with DR MASK tossing out some free stuff to the fans in attendance and the show started.

In the opening matchup Johnny Wave took on “Rocksteady”Alex Vega in a highflying affair that saw both hi lots of impressive offense.  These are two of the better younger junior heavyweight talent around the area so it was nice to see what they could do with each other.  After some back and forth action Vega came out with his hand raised.  Not to let the new PWE star get his shine UNBREAKABLE Michael Elgin came out with his ECLIPSE title and said Vega was mor edesrving of a title match then Davey who had never wrestled there before  and challenged Vega to a match.  Then powerbombed the debuting squared circle alum leading to Davey Richards running out followed by the Entourage who attacked him.  Only to get fought off by there opponents for the night the Gymrats HACKER Scotty O’shea and Alessandro Del Bruno.

2nd match was a 4way w/Sebastian Sauve winning over Josh Alexander(via splash after Alexander hit a tigerdriver on Mike)Phil Atlas and Psycho Mike Rollins.  This was probably the second best match on the show lots of top rope moves and splashes.  All four dove onto each other at one point.  The beginning was slow because you had to tag to be in the match so the only heel Josh Alexander milked alot of time to get to the good stuff.  Making the match a little longer then most multi man scramble type matches but still a solid outing.  If this is on dvd or youtube somewhere check it out.

3rd match was probably the best with TEXTBOOK Tyson Dux taking on UWA HARDCORE vet Christopher Bishop.  Dux didn’t hesitate to establish his dominance in this bout starting with strings of submissions wearing the smaller man down.  He continued his assault on the floor where he hit a brainbuster (I yelled for)and slammed Bishop on the row of chairs I was sitting in.  Now the crowd had forgot all about Davey and were going nuts for Tyson.  Heel or face you have to want to cheer him on when he’s doing brainbustas on the floor and hitting his old school dance upon request.  A running DVD finished this match after a couple of Bishop comebacks. Match of the day.

Brent B took on x TNA,NJPW wrestler KIYOSHI heres a link to the match but if you don’t want to watch, the match had lots of Brents trademark flips and a dive where he barely connected w/Kiyoshi(if he hit at all)who was muggin my daughter and didn’t turn around fast enough.

Intermission was followed by the tag match built up earlier with “The HIT”Ashley Sixx and “motion picture”Ethan Page-The Entourage losing to the smaller GYMRATS team of Hacker Scotty O’shea and Alessandro Del Bruno.  Lots of highspots and wildkicks in here as well as some comedy.  Del Bruno fell out of the ring at one point and was between some guys legs with his head on his gut was kind of amusing amongst other things.  Lots of good doubleteams in here you could tell these four men were no strangers to each other.  The CTL ALT DEL got the win in the end.  Postmatch the crowd told the Entourage they accepted there lifestyles which was funnier then saying suggesting they spit and swallow each other as earlier chanted.

Last match was the one everyone had been waiting for …

All in all a fun show w/3 children in the audience and bigger guys putting up the ring then wrestling(Robbie lol) that delivered an action packed show for the Ontario indy fans who’d miss seeing there own dads on fathers day for an ROH WAR.  I have to give props where there due to this show.  It was pretty short match wise in that there weren’t so many matches but I was still thoroughly entertained and wouldn’t have cut any match from a DVD if there making one.   Thats not something I would say for most shows so thats good they respect the fans enough to try and give them the best match ups they can.  Even if it isn’t the usual at least 8 match card we’re probably all used to.

Mark Hominick at Fight Planet

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I got in another interview this ones far from my best I guess the mma guys get the worst out of me.  It doesn;t help this was hours earlier then I’m usually awake and had gotten pretty smashed the night before at the SLAMMER. 

Slammer in the Hammer results

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Friday June 17th marked the debut MIXED MARTIAL ARTS show in Hamilton Ontario.  Brought to us by Source cable and Jeff Joslin,and they delivered quite the night of knockouts showcasing some of Ontarios finest. Heres some quick results as usual.  JEFF JOSLIN announced the ring announcer and got things started.  THE ICEMAN CHUCK LIDDELL(who was seen a couple times in Jackson Square that day)came out first and did a short couple of questions with the announcer.  Who asked a few yes or no questions before announcing BIG JOHN MCCARTHY to the cage,Yves Lavigne also reffed some fights.  The only other mma star I saw there was Claude Patrick.  My only complaint would be the camera never showing the ring girls after a big contest to do the ring girl contest why nto pay them some attention?  Results look like…

Sajid Rizvi vs Sydney Barnier

Sydney Barnier by 2nd round TKO (Ref stopped it at 2:05 due to strikes)..Rizvi came out swinging with wild kicks but eventually ended up turtled getting opened up by shots to his body then head.  Rizvi wasn’t too impressive here,he didn’t look so confident at the weigh in either.  None of the losers did actually.

Michael Imperato vs Andrew Cseh
Michael Imperato via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
This match was the only full fight on the card.  Imperato had a strong fan following in the crowd and dominated the fight in impressive fashion.
Lyndon Whitlock vs Robert Rende
Lyndon Whitlock via KO at 2:25 Round 1

An impressive KO from the Hamilton native.
Jesse Ronson vs Brandon Chagnon
Jesse Ronson via TKO at 4:40 Round 1

An impressive TKO for  London Ontarios BODY SNATCHER

David Bodrug vs Eric Attard
Eric Attard via KO at 0:27 Round 2
ATOMIC Eric let the guns blast in the second and uglied up his opponent quite a bit.
Daron Cruickshank vs Brad Cardinal
Daron Cruickshank via TKO Round 1 the American came out to REAL AMERICAN and Cardinal came out to WALK by Pantera.  IF this was WWE that would mean RVD vs. Hulk Hogan lol.  Luckily this is Canada and this is mma so instead we got a TKO.

Francis Carmont vs Jason DOOMS Day
Francis Carmont via TKO at 2:10 Rd 1

Carmont looked like he knew exactly what he was going to do in there and stuck with his plan of punishing Day with his own brand of doom until the 2 minute finish where DAY crumbled against the cage from widestanced bombs.

This was the first mma show I’ve gotten out to in Ontario since its legal and I’m hoping to go to the next Gladiators show in Hamilton coming up(as well as any other show in Ontario).  The venue wasn’t too full,the guy behind me thought there were 5000 people there but he was pretty off with that estimate lol.  Hopefully Hamilton can show the UFC we will support mixed martial arts and can draw the kind of crowd there looking for(non rioters lol..too soon?).


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Although its a shame Gina Carano isn’t on this show it will still probably be one of the better shows this month.  KJ NOONS against JORGE MASVIDAL should be entertaining to say the least and the heavyweights are definitely going to bring it.  Not just in the finals of the GP either another interesting bout taking place pits the undefeated in 7 bouts wrestling standout Daniel Cormier against bjj psycho and veteran of over 50 fights Jeff SNOWMAN Monson?  Will the experience win out over hunger or will Cormiers wrestling be too much for Monsons ground game?  Either way I think we’re getting a treat with this fight signed.

Alot of online rumblings have been made all week about the fight being in a state that doesn’t drug test.  Josh Barnett wasn’t cleared by the Nevada state athletic commission so that as well had garnered him a bit of bias and hatred on many sites.  Overeem vs. Barnett in the finals is what most people expect to happen but I would like to see an upset on both sides of those fights.  I like Overeem but if Werdum can take out Fedor with relative ease why not the DEMOLITION MAN?