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GWN may 29 results and “Tyrant”Eric Dawson interview

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GWN took over the Canadian Ukrainian centre in Hamilton Ontario once again on May 2th 2010.

Here are some quick results

Shockwave(Damien and Drake Styles)defeated GWN tag champs The Falcors(without Igor who was banned from ringside)to become the new champs.  After the match a tag team calling themselves the American Titans came out and traded promos with Aftershock who established they were former NWA tag champs quite a few times before they left.  NExt show these teams are locking up for the straps.  Igor sgotta be upset abotu that his team loses and they don’t even get a rematch?

Kickin Kyle Broox beat Igor Sonovovich who came out of a over 3 year retirement to challenge a young Lance Storm protege.   In the end Igor challenged for a rematch winner gets 500$ with champion Donovan Jack O’Shea betting against his biggest nemesis in GWN.

Mic Blackwell and Retro Rex Atkins beat Lord J.n Castle and “Tyrant”Eric Dawson,Dawson was pretty upset his partner lost the match and stormed off angry.

For the womens title ANTI DIVA Kaitlyn Diemond beat champion Jodi D’milo after a little help from Igor.  This was probably the best match which is saying alot for these women since womens matches are usually the less memorable bouts for me.

Baron Mikel Von Lutz w/Igor Sonovovich and “WiLdfire”Tommy Burch wrestled next for Danger boys vacated GWN commonwealth title with Lutz coming out the victor in the end.

In the YOU BRING IT WE SWING IT main event champion SILVERBACK STEVE BROWN retained his title over Donovan Jack O’shea due to a count out.   Lutz and Igor made there presence known numerous times in this one resulting in both getting beaten on by the angry irishman.  O’Shea challenged the HOUSE OF IGOR for the next event on JUNE 26th for a team match in a cage sounds like WAR GAMES TO ME!!!  So if you like old school flavor WAR GAMES or want to see if Kaitlyn Diemond will be able to defend her championship or if Igor will lose 500$ make sure to come out and check out the action you can only find at GWN.

At the event I also caught up with Ontario indy vet TYRANT ERIC DAWSON and discussed his career,tag team aspirations RWA,CWI and thoughts on the indy scene in general check it out.



PWA Canada results from the Cambridge fair

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When I read PWA was taking over the Cambridge fair a couple months back I was pretty sure I’d be taking in at least one of there free shows and I was right.  The summer season is usually packed with all kinds of outdoor action in cities and small towns throughout Ontario.  When I was a kid the only shows I would ever see advertising for were shows at fairs so maybe I have a soft spot for them.  Or I just love fairs and wrasslin’ so why not combine the two like the carnies originally intended?  I’ve been patiently waiting for the season to come and this was the first show of its kind this year so I dragged out a couple of my neighbor kids as well as my own and made it out to Cambridge.

When we got there we couldn’t really see where the ring was mostly because it was blocked by a small fishpond tent.   The ring announcer had no mic and the turnbuckles fell apart whenever touched.  It looked to be the smallest ring I’d ever seen or it could’ve just been the lack of padding that made it seem so small.  Eitherway I arrived to see KILLER Allen Coulter,Colin Douglas and Moondog Buddy brawling it out.  They could make any ring look small with that much man in it.  In the end Douglas used a foreign object and reigned supreme over his other two opponents pinning Buddy after Buddy pinned Coulter(a fued that would escalate throughout the night).  Next match was  Joey Allen beating DieHard Ducker in a match I barely remembered lol and in the main event of the first show of the day RIP IMPACT beat Eddie Osborne for the PWA ONTARIO CHAMPIONSHIP.

In he second round of matches Brandon Flip lost to Diehard Ducker after his highflying offense couldn’t hold the bigger man down who won with a small package I think.   Killer Coulter and Eddie Osborne beat MoonDog Buddy and Joey Allen.  The main event of this show was RIP IMPACT defending his newly won title against Colin Douglas.  Who I hadn’t seen since the ol’RWA days so I taped this one why not for the sake of old school vs new school Ontario wrestling.

The last show of the night featured a 6 man battle royal that didn’t last long and was won by Moondog Buddy after he last eliminated Killer Allen Coulter who he clashed with in every match on this show.  Which I enjoyed its always good to see big men mix it up in this indy world of underweight kids in kickpads.   I would’ve been interested in knowing what the winner was winning in this match a title shot at the end of this show?  A match of his choice?  Who cares lol  it’ll probably be explained on tomorrows show since the fair is continuing all weekend long.  The main event of the night was Rip Impact again defending his belt against former Ontario champ Joey Allen in a must watch match I taped.  The match wasn’t a 5 star classic but the atmosphere in the vid is off the charts.  Drunken fans,excited kids,highflying wrestling mixed with constant rain even a random crutch gets thrown in the fray(watch the refs face for that one).  Like I said a must see all in all this night of wrestling and fair fun kept my group entertained all night and might have made a few indy fans out of my neighbor kids who wanted a pic with there new high risk hero RIP IMPACT!!

R.I.P “Macho Man”Randy Savage

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Last week my mom and I were talking about the CWI show coming up and if I was attending and I answered the only way I”m going is if they up the ante and bring in Savage(as well as Hogan).  We laughed and the conversation moved on the next day she called me to say he passed on.  How come life always works that way you remember someone who brings back memories of happy times and bang there gone.  To me few wrestlers could really engage me in what they were doing as a small kid thinking it looked silly and fake more often then not.   Savage was the guy that broke me out of that though with his intensity and wildness being something I hadn’t encountered before and haven’t since.  As well I loved hating him which was odd because as much as I worried for Elizabeth I still loved the guy too much to want him to lose.  Messed up huh?   A kid accepting woman pushing over Hulkamania lol.  My dad felt similar to me about “the mach” and he was one of the few workers that bridged the gap between the old school stuff he loved and the top rope kind of stuff I enjoy.  With all that said he did alot in his career and even his WCW run was memorable which few ex WWF employees can say.  Hopefully he can make it into the WWE HOF now, sad it took Vince being able to leech money off his name to make him a “legend” in there eyes.

UFC130 rundown

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With UFC 130 right around the corner coming up on Saturday the 28th I thought I’d drop some thoughts on some of the match ups.  I’ll probably be doing a story on The Ultimate Fighter show as well closer to the finale because its been one of the more entertaining seasons I’ve seen.  The last episode especially with someones career being ended and the almost brawl with the new house bad guy Tony exposing himself as quite the lightweight drinker.   Wait this was supposed to be about UFC 130 right?

Ya so here we go Matt Hamill vs. Quinton “RAMPAGE” Jackson is the main event with lots of trash talk coming from both sides as usual.  Both fighters are more then open to namecalling and putdowns  but I think the key to this fight will be TAKEDOWNS.  If someone can’t dominate with there solid wrestling background I think this might be one of those fights that just breaks down to fists.  Hamill has been pushing his stand up alot in his last few fights so I wouldn’t be surprised if he tries to stand with Jackson for awhile to set up takedowns or just out of intimidation for Rampages wrestling and skill with slams.  End of the match I want Rampage to win.   I’m not betting on him but I want him to edge out a w still since I think this fight will go the distance.

The co main event has former heavyweight champion Frank Mir taking on BIG COUNTRY Roy Nelson.  I think this could very well be fight of the night if not the Alves/Story match up.   Nelson and Mir both seem confident in being able to deliver a FOTN candidate both boasting in interviews this will be a showstealer.  With that said I hope there right and this doesn’t turn into a ground affair too slow to pick up any real steam.  In the end I want BIG COUNTRY to win because I’m a fan.  Lots of people like to count him out due to his physique but every time I’ve seen him since the IFL days I’ve known he’s not someone you can ever count out.  Whereas Mir gets cocky from time to time and that could be his undoing come the last round.

Rick Story vs Thiago Alves is another showstealer candidate with two of the UFCs finest welterweights fighting it out.  I think Story has so much heart that he’s the Roy Nelson of this fight lol he hasn’t had as many big fights that people may recognize but he’s never been one to be pushed around in the cage and thats respectable.  Hopefully they bang it out and we get to see more big things for Story in the future.  Other fights include…

Stefan Struve (21-4) vs. Travis Browne (10-0-1)
-Brian Stann (10-3) vs. Jorge Santiago (23-8; #6 Middleweight)
-Miguel Torres (39-3; #5 Bantamweight)* vs. Demetrious Johnson (20-5; #8 Bantamweight)*
-Tim Boetsch (12-4) vs. Kendall Grove (12-8)
-Rafaello Oliveira (14-3) vs. Gleison Tibau (22-7)
-Michael McDonald (12-1) vs. Chris Cariaso (11-2)
-Renan Barao (25-1) vs. Cole Escovedo (17-6)

Any thoughts or predictions post them below any feedbacks always good too.   Looks like a pretty good show to tide us over between stacked Canadian PPV events.

MFC 30 update Brian Cobb replaces Franca

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Hermes Franca had some legal problems that came to light recently leading him to give himself upto the police.  The charge is of a sexual nature involving a minor which made MFC fire him immediately.   Its understandable why they would make such a bold move but a little unusual still considering he is pleading not guilty.  Either way MFC LW champion Drew Fickett had no one to fight once Franca was relieved of his title shot.  Until yesterday when they announced Bakersfield fighter UFC and Sengoku vet Brian Cobb as the replacement.  Cobb has been on MMA fans radar for a minute now with an 18-6 record and a better standing in some MMA rankings then Fickett himself.  I’m sure fans on June 10 in Calgary Alberta won’t be too upset by the short notice replacement for what will surely be a solid nontitle bout.

MMA 1 results from May 19th..better late then never

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Marcus Aurelio def. Matt McGrath by Armlock at 3:38 of the 1st round

Jason Saggo def. Derek Boyle by Rear Naked Choke at 2:18 of the 3rd round

Chuck Mady def. James Haourt by Armbar at 2:22 of the 1st round

Alan Wilson def. Theo Toney by Rear Naked Choke at 3:25 of the 2nd round

Bo Harris def. Brent Franczuz by Unanimous Decision(29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Lyndon Whitlock def. Daniel Langbeen by Triangle Choke at 2:17 of the 1st round

TigersFEST 2011

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June 4th check out for more info.  Last years was big and made lots of money for charity make sure you head out and help Tiger make even more money for charity this year.