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Coming to FIGHT PLANET on May 7th the KOREAN ZOMBIE Chan Sun Jung will be in Hamilton check the facebook link for more info.!/event.php?eid=117406758339360

If your in Mississauaga that day Jung is also doing a seminar with feloow KTT members check out the facebook link for more info.


UFC events in Ontario this week

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As much as I hate dropping other sites links this was the most comprehensive list of events I could find.  Thankfully UFC didn’t make us have to look to far for all the event info.  Since other sites made posts like this with half the info.

There was only one training class I saw on there but there was another seminar with Sean Sherk listed on another page on here.  As well if your willing to travel to Barrie.  “Big Daddy”Gary Goodridge is havig a bootcamp this week to promote his gym he’s opening soon.. direct questions to Pre-pay for the week = $100/cash. Pre-pay for the month = $200/cash. obviously the weeks already started but its still a good way to potentially learn from a legend.

MFC 30 Franca vs Fickett

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Not Ontario MMA news but still Canadian.  Looks like some decent match ups so far.  Marcus Davis originally was scheduled to fight Richie Whitson as shown but he withdrew due to a foot injury and been replaced with UFC vet Pete Spratt.

GWN results and interviews

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Today(April 17th 2011) I went to see GREAT WHITE NORTH Wrestlings “April Assault” show at the Ukrainian Center in Hamilton.  Having never been to a GWN show I wasn’t sure 100% what to expect young kids getting into the biz? Old timers?  Fat sweaty bloody guys blowing up every other move? Hot women?  “Spot monkeys”?  I knew I wouldn’t know unless I go so I paid my ten bucks and checked it out.

The first match was a solid opener featuring the debuting Joey Valentine taking on the always violent “Tyrant”ERIC DAWSON.  First match in a promotion can be stressful enough for anyone but facing Dawson took it to another level for Valentine.  Who tried lots of faster and aerial moves to try to claim dominance in this bout BUT Dawsons a big pissed off redneck…so he won then smashed his smaller opponent with his bullrope a little.  Pretty good opener that wasn’t too drawn out and got to the action.

In the second bout Holly Hilton beat ANTI DIVA Kaitlyn Diemond(in a number one contenders match for the GWN womens title)after Diemond got Dqed for spazzing out on the ref and being a MMA bad girl now?

BIG Mic Blackwell beat Lord JN castle w/Igor Sonovovich in a falls count anywhere match.  This match didn’t really take place “everywhere” but there was some good action on the floor.

In a ladies title match Jodi D’milo defended her title against Xandra Bale in a pretty decent womens affair I wouldn’t mind seeing a rematch for.

GWN tag champ the Falcors(two skinny all black masked men,one fat one skinny)beat Wildfire Tommy Birch and Kicking Kyle Broox in a confusing match.  First I was confused as to why the larger masked Falcor looked to be Mic Blackwell back out in a mask out with enemy Igor Sonovovich.  I let it roll off my back then later on in this match the Falcors were building up quite a hot tag situation then the ref didn’t count the tag which was followed immediately by a pinfall he did count.  Confusing stuff here but anything goes in pro wrestling.

After intermission “Pretty boy”Tim Copeland lost his GWN commonwealth title to DANGER BOY.  Despite Igor Sonovovichs ringside presence and usual antics.

In the main event SILVERBACK Shaun Brown and LUCKY CHARMS Donovan Jack O’Shea fought to DQ in a brutal chain match that saw interference form Igors goons ending the match.  At one point DJ O’Shea was about to have Igor push a rag covered in something over his mouth but reversed it into Igors face.  Igors goons came out shortly thereafter for revenge followed by the GWN babyfaces who showed there good guy nature by standing by Donovan Jack while he challenged the Silverback to a FANS BRING THE WEAPONS match as well as rundown what kind of weapons fans should bring to there next event May 29th.

All in all a pretty entertaining show if fans NEED top rope flipping and fake tanned dudes with  six packs GWN might not be for you but if you wanna check out some old school fun.  For the sake of old school fun you’ve gotta check out the next GWN show.  Your kids won’t be disappointed thats for sure all the young fans especially loved the action and interaction you only get with the indys.  Hopefully I wasn’t the only new GWN fan they made today.  Shout out to Chant monkey Chris for letting me know what was going on with storylines etc on this show.  I filmed a promo with IGOR SONOVOVICH as well but I’m going to put that up closer to the 29th to re-hype people for the big YOU BRING IT WE SWING IT!! event.

R.I.P Larry Sweeney

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Monday April 11th  pro wrestling manager/wrestler SWEET N SOUR Larry Sweeney was found after taking his own life.  Anyone who had seen Larrys work could see the passion he put into every match or promo.  his work with Sweet n Sour Inc in ROH had many classic moment sof both comedy and classic bad guy teamwork the game had been missing for so long.  trained by Chris Hero he spent alot of time wrestling alongside him in different promotion they would both work including Chikara,CZW UWA HARDCORE etc.   My favorite moment with him was a live one at UWA HARDCORE when he took on Eddie Kingston in a strap match that brought back the energy of a Dusty Rhodes/Flair epic.  I was edge of my seat for this sillyness the whole match and I hope wherever Larry is now he’s happier then he was on earth.   The industry truly lost one of its best characters so heres my r.i.p for the man who brought validity to the texarkana championship(finally!!).

More UFC Fan Expo info

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As well as all the autographs and appearances the UFCs fan expo in Toronto will feature a grappling tournament(courtesy of grapplers quest)and training and development seminars.  The seminars are $150 and are taught by either the ICEMAN Chuck Liddell,THE PRODIGY BJ Penn or Anthony Pettis and Duke Roufus.

Some of the matches already lined up for the UFC fan expo grapplers quest event feature UFC stars and top Canadian grapplers.  Match ups so far include Diego NIGHT MARE Sanchez vs. Canadian Andrew MCinnes,Ryan Hall takes on Jorge Britto Fabio Holanda also is taking on 7x Grapplers Quest champ Nolan Dutch on April 30th at the Direct Energy center.  Tickets still available(with vip even)on

Ring Of Honor back in Toronto

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All Night Express and Worlds Great Tag Team,Davey Richards,Christopher Daniles and more already signed on.