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Alpha 1 results

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I hit up an ALPHA 1 pro wrestling show today and thought I’d share some thoughts on it and drop some results for you guys.

In the opener JOHNNY WAVE beat Tyson Dux in a match to be number one contender for the new zero gravity title(which looks shitty anyways,I’m sure Tyson just didn’t want it lol)

Luis Aveiro and someone whos name I didn’t hear wrestled for a bit before being attacked by Brodie Lees gang of rednecks.   They thought they were going to get saved by Logan Savage but he joined up with Brodie and beat them some more with chairs.

Timothy Krane won a 4way last eliminating Alessandro Del Bruno,who eliminated Andrew”goldy?”Davis and Anthony Fiasco. To be the first ever zero gravity champion.

“psycho”Mike Rollins beat Ashley Sixx

“dangerboy”Derek Wylde won a 3way over Cheech and Josh Alexander.

Michael Elgin beat Colin Delaney

Ethan Page beat Rhino with a schoolboy after a long hardfought match that saw brawling all over the building.

Justin Sane retained his title over Brodie Lee at the end of the match the rednecks came back out and Elgin,Aveiro and Psycho Mike came out to even the odds.  Building an 8 man tag match for Alpha 1s next show April 10 in Hamilton.

All in all a better show then I expected,lots of fun even though I got scammed for an interview. …I did get one with Cheech,Brodie Lee and Colin Delaney you can check out though.   Enjoy


Squared Circle Tigers day/CHOPFEST!! VID

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The afternoon of Saturday Febuary 19th I went to SQUARED CIRCLE TRAINING(.com) for a seminar they put together for aspiring wrestlers.  All sizes of potential wrestlers came out and in an attempt  to master the craft some did well others not so much.  As to be expected, me I kept messing up taking a slam(how shitty of me).


After all was said and done I asked who had the hardest chops to lace me with so I could show the people wrestlings not as soft as they might believe.  TOMER SHALOM and ANTHONY FIASCO jumped at the chance.  Was I about to get payback for always booing Fiasco(its really jus his purple glitterboots i hate)?  The end result is pretty funny to me hopefully you guys can enjoy it too.



NSP!!! NSP!!

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    OR NEO NEO NEO!!! Whatever you prefer,either way if you missed out on the chance to chant that a little last night.  You missed out.  Neo Spirit Pro was THE(ya i said it so)top indy a few years ago and this was there return show.  Which delivered and then some.  Lots of indy shows have lots of random matches or have things happen for no reason.   Not Neo last night all the matches(cept heel vs heel ASH vs Suave) pushed storylines as well as the action and built up for bigger matches next show.  Which I appreciate being raised on tv wrestling.  Lots of the time If I try to put my friends onto indys they don’t get into it cuz theres not enough story.  I can’t follow WWE so much cuz its MOSTLY story.  FINALLY Ontario has a promotion that can draw in the regular folk again.   …With that said alot of this audience wasn’t your regular wrestling crowd(always good)attractive women were even there if you could believe that.  An indy show with hot women there?  I was perplexed til I found out they mostly knew people working(2 of the hottest both chatted me up for no reason/once my girl was gone..hoes lol)the show.  Which is always nice form a crowd point of view.  I’d rather sit with a regular mix of people then jus smart marks or just morons *shrugs*.  The crowd was readily accepting whatever NSP threw out there too which I loved.  FINALLY A GOOD CROWD lol.  I’ll post some pics after I post some Alpha 1 pics tonight so be patient heres some results.

In the opener “Danger Boy”DEREK WYLDE w/Cherry Bomb beat PEPPER Parks in an enjoyable bout I will probably upload soon with the first few minutes cutoff.  I love Cherry as a heel shes good as a face but the heel shit is where she really stands out IMO.

LORD OF THE BLING TIBERIOUS KING beat  Cody Deaner with what Deaner swears was a 2 count.   Good match here.  If they have a DVD you should buy it to check out the tournament matches I incompletely taped them all,but you gotta see the stuff I missed to really enjoy it.

This led DEREK WYLDE and Cherry Bomb back to the ring where King claimed “that cherrys been popped along time ago” and called out COURTNEY RUSH to take on Wyldes cornerwoman.  This match was one of the best womens matches I’ve seen in while.   My girl taped some of it and said it was strictly for the perverts lol.  I dunno why, I thought it was dope and neither of them are really my type *shrugs* CHERRY won in the end.

Andrew Davis with Jay Moore beat MICHAEL ELGIN with interference from Moore.

Ashley Sixx beat Sebastian Suave in a match I found hard to get into just cause of the heel/heel dynamic they seem more like they team then beef with each other.  It was a good enough match anyways for coming back from the intermission.

Nick Vickers beat Scotty Turner in the next bout and to say the falls crowds LOVE them some Nick Vickers.  Might be understatement of the year.  I wasn’t really into this match but everyone else was so no complaints here lol.

THe ITALIANOS beat the makeshift team of Anthony Darko and..his mystery partner…CRAZY STEVE!!! I’ma Crazy Steve mark and dun care who knows the sense of fun he brings to the ring is what the indys need more of IMO.  In the end The ITALIANOS won the NSPtag titles with a powerbomb top rope clothesline combo on Darko.  BODYCOUNT came out after and challenged the ITalianos for next show in a STREET FIGHT!!!


Derek Wylde put away Tiberious King and regained his title he claimed he had to drop to TYSON DUX for 50$ from King in years past.  This match was gold.  They started out by brawling right in front of my cam if it had been rolling I wouldve got the best shots of that exchange I’m sure.  King sat Wylde down to do a running attack that got reversed and Wylde dropkicked King off his chair into a wall.  This match also had a catfight,a table break and lots of great action.  Everything I’ve been missing in the indys really.  I did tape this match eventually as well as the womens match.  We’ll see what I post.  All in all a VERY good show put on here there coming back with a next show on APRIL 23rd thats already got the card stacked with intriguing match ups.

Any thoughts hit me up

Upcoming shows

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A TLC match a tac match and the Hollywood Hunks vs the FU crew are the highlights of this show which looks like good 19+ fun

TIMMINS!!! March 12th

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If you live in the Timmins area stop lying to yourself and admit you have nothing better to do then go to this show.   lol  Thats truth though DREAMER vs DUX should be enough to get your ass in a seat but if thats not enough you got Robbie,STEEN,Traci Brooks,Phil Atlas and all the other top stars of MAX PRO

VOODOO RAY playing with fire

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This relates to Ont. indys in that this guy was a manager at a couple of my favorite indy shows ever(ring n ears).

Cody Deaner interview

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Turn up the volume on this one.