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On some Youngstown shit…

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    WWE had a show there on the weekend my boy Ill had 2nd row seats so I thought I’d share some pics he took.  Results look like.

Daniel Bryan def. Ted Dibiase, Tyson Kidd, and William Regal in a fatal four way

The New Nexus (Otunga, McGillicutty, Harris, and Ryan) def. Yoshi Tatsu, Mark Henry, Santino Marella & Kozlov

John Morrison def. Sheamus

Eve, Gail Kim, and Tamina def. Maryse, Alicia Fox, and Melina

John Cena def. CM Punk

WWE Champion The Miz (with Alex Riley) def. Randy Orton



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According to her facebook Ont. female wrestler SELEZIYA SPARKS broke her collarbone yesterday.  If your unfamiliar with her shes pictured in the last post and in my HAVOC AT THE HANGAR vid.  Heres wishing her a speedy recovery.

Squared Circle Wrestling Jan.16 results

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   SCW had a show today that you’ve read about on here..HAVOC AT THE HANGAR.  Was a well attended family friendly afternoon show.  The venue itself was a little confusing in that lots of people tried to enter through the front door.  It was pretty cold too.  I personally could care less my coats huge I jus felt bad for guys like BANG BANG PETE who were out there in just tights.  As far as results go…

“More bang for your Buck”Buck Gunderson and Bang Bang Pete beat Preston Miles(I think)and Jason Chase with a small package or something lol.  Melo blocked my vision for that second.

Johnny Wave won a 3way over Ethan Page and Josh Alexander..this was the A-1 match of the day.  It was alright I liked some parts and disliked others*shrugs*. The other A1ers beat on Wave individually with him turning the tables on each one then eventually beating Ethan Page.

Seleziya Sparx beat Gabriella Vanderpool w/Nikita getting involved in the end leading to a doubleteam bringing out Xandra Bale who sent the other girls to the back.  I know Sparks is the bad girl in this but shes too hot to hate for me.  I was trying booing her and such but jus couldn’t stick with it lol.

Farhaan Farouqi beat Marcus Marquez.

PSYCHO Mike Rollins beat RJ City in a fun match that the fans got behind mainly due to the earlier matches not having as much fan interaction.  Good stuff here from two of Ontarios finest.

Tyson Dux beat Sonjay Dutt in a wellpaced match with lots of holds and what you’d expect from these two.  Crowd wasn’t as hot as it could be for it but owell.  I think they appreciated it.  Tyson got accidentally bloodied at one point.  I guess SCW doesn’t have the best record for accidental facesmashes after Fiasco’s at there last show and this lil cut but if your not tough get out of the biz right?  RIGHT!! lol

After intermission

Boris Bresnev w/Nikita beat Michael Elgin in a hardhitting affair for the number 1 contendership to Tyson Duxs MAX PRO title.

Ashley Sixx beat James Champagne if this show had a problem it would be that this match was too slow to be before the main event.

Brent B won a 4way with the order of elimination being JAYSON CYPRUS (now sponsored by underarmor,monster energy and more)elminated by Anthony Fiasco then Fiasco got eliminated by SEBASTIAN SUAVE who got finished off in spectacular fashion by “the all starter”Brent B.

All in all a fun show just what you’d expect from SCW I’m looking forward to there next warmer show lol.


Sabu vs 2 Cold Scorpio ladder match’99

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  From CWA at Midevil times in Toronto a highlight of this match for me was when they battled at the top of the ladder and 2 cold hit some kind of pyro that sparked.  Another highlight at this show was hanging out near the back curtains listening to sabu and 2 cold shit on some of the local talent I had seen since 5 years old.   As they planned out there match I laughed out loud at one point and Sabu looked around the corner at me and swore he didn’t think it was funny as I did.  A low point at that show was a fan jump kicking another fan in the stands.   Or it could’ve been a work the kick looked nice lol.

Joe E Legend vs.”Bloody”Bill Skullion in a CAGE!!

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  A Ring N Ears one night tournament final saw these two Ontario legends lock up w/Bill winning in the end I think lol.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Ring n Ears was the shit!!! The Opera House is my favorite venue for anything too,so maybe that helps but RING N EARS was hands down my favorite series of events.

Tigers toy drive RESULTS lol

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I deleted my post about Tigers toy dirve the day after it happened I didn’t expect to see results but the TIGER SINGHs really did there thing here once again.  Heres the press release.

“Good Morning,

Hope all is well.

With God’s grace I would like to inform you of the recent success
experienced with our second annual toy/food/clothing drive charity event for
the young patients at the Hospital for Sick Children and families in need
via the Salvation Army.

If you have not done so already, then we would be very grateful if you can
circulate this news around to all your associates that having wrestling
sites and other media outlets for the purpose of creating further awareness
for this cause and to show our gratitude.

Please find attached links, pictures and press release for the event.  In
closing may I ask that you email me with any links that you are able to get

Best Regards,

Tiger Jr.”

Newspaper Article:–community-support

Breakfast Television with Troy & Tigers:

TSN’s Off The Record:

Breakfast Television:

Fight Network:

ICW 97′(?) pics

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I could dig and find out the exact year this was but I care not too even though my ticket was signed by Tatanka,the bushwhackers and dan the beast severn lol.  Pictured are Carlos Ortega splashin a debuting(?)ERIC YOUNG,Duke the dumpster Droese(former mr 500 lol),the new Headshrinkers,Dan the beast (whos mustache I always found to be more Freddy Mercury then the magnum I think he was trying for)w/his NWA title and the funniest faced fan I’ve ever seen lol.  That guy was nuts and REALLY drunk screaming for “ARMBARS” “RAKE HIS BACK,RAKE HIS BACK” also Ontario indy mainstay of the time King Kong Bundy wrestled Geza Kalman on this show too winning with his patented 5 count.