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This is my first time at making any promo videos for events or promotions hopefully they thought I did an ok job with it.   I feel I can now safely criticize any half assed promo vids I see in the future.  Especially any without any action or moves involved(which I hate)cuz this one has quite a bit(considering the length).  My thanks go out to anyone in the vid for making it possible.

Enjoy  and see y’all at HAVOC AT THE HANGAR




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Not to be mistaken w/ EARTH CRISIS(anyone remember them?) 

Should be AWESOME especially if you loved those ANIME NORTH shows or Video games in general.  OR…Ontario indys since there roster page on includes BORIS BRESNEV,ANTHONY FIASCO,KASPIAN DOLCE,SEBASTIAN SUAVE and even “the entertainer”himself BUCK GUNDERSON.  So if you don’t wanna miss out on a night of wacky action and live music you know where you’ll wanna be on April 10th(106 spadina ave.)

Fuego interview

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I hit up Squared circle training in Toronto this week and filmed this short interview with one of the top trainers and x wrestlers in the area.   Everyone seemed really a buzz about the Havoc at the HANGER show coming up on the 16th as well, especially the 4way w/Xtremo,Sebastian Suave,Brent B and Anthony Fiasco.  Dux and Dutt are gonna have to put on there A game to main event after that one.    If you were looking for training or more info on the show hit up

Show of the Monday Aft.

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  Womens wrestling,a cool main event and a CAGE MATCH are reasons to check this show out hit for more info.

Necro Butcher vs. Juggulator 07

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  For Stranglehold wrestling


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    With only a few shows running here and there for the next month or so this is the show I’m excited for..SQUARED CIRCLE WRESTLING ..RETURNS on Sunday Jan.16 2011 at 3pm with the head liner of TYSON DUX VS SONJAY DUTT and the 4 way thats pictured which could steal any show in the area.  I’m sure more great matches are on deck there just going to have to try pretty hard to outdo WINTER KOMBAT(there last show w/Steen,Hero, El G and Xtremo diving off a balcony).  The bars been set high but I know the Squared Circle Wresting alumni will be ready to raise that bar higher or even flip right over it.  More on this event in the coming weeks c yall there.

Wrestling on CBC?

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No not really jus this old Jonovision episode.  Which features host Jonathan Torrens (aka J to the r-o-c lol),Bret Hart,WWEs Canadian prez,Canadian trainer Ron Hutchison(trained edge,christian,swinger etc.),old AWF wrestler Jim Fury and well ugh…me.  I’m not so proud of this vid but the Taker vid made me think someone might find it relevant *shrugs*.  BTW I still got the Jonovision title if someone wants a shot lol.  They did a second episode like this too but its not on yt and sucked more if you can believe that.