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Winter dryspell

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  Its almost winter time which often means dry spells in events.  I personally have no idea what the next show I’m going to is (the Jan. Squared circle show?).  Hopefully some show pops up to give me a little something to look forward to more then the usual Christmas consumerism and worn out routines we’re all so tired of.  I didn’t really have a pic to go with my bah humbug post so heres some pics I took of my signed Ultimo mask and some Halloween left over lucha masks I’ve been tryna get rid of(inbag/20$)  I’m going to post some retro pics soon when I get some new ink in my printer too.  Any comments or criticism or for a mask hit me up at



Squared Circle Wrestling LIVE results

Posted in Ont.indy on November 15, 2010 by wtfhwrestling

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November 14th 2010 Squared circle training had a show at the Ambiance hall in Toronto.

J Chase beat Jay Phenomenon and Roy Toy Stevens ina 3way

Rip Impact won a suicide 6 match featuring Hacker,Ethan Page, Bang Bang Pete, Kennith Crises and  Tomer Shalom

The Empire lost to Franky The Mobster & Don Paysan

Chris Hero beat  Sebastian Suave,Suave had won this match as being the best of the students who trained w/Hero(myself included) earlier.

Nikita beat Gabriella Vanderpool with Sleyzya Sparks as the SEXIEST referee.
She wouldn’t count pins  for Vanderpool and helped her friend win.  Once again the ref was REAL HOT.  The mentally challenged guy behind me was losing himself over her.

Farhan Farouqi beat Mike Alias

James Champagne Challenged anyone in BSE history and Tyson Dux accepted and lost.

Mr. Wrestling Kevin Steen beat  The Canadian Crazyhorse Michael Elgin

Xtremo beat  Anthony Fiasco,Xtremo dove onto Fiasco off a balcony and Fiasco mistakenly smashed his face in on the ringsteps missing a dive.

Brent B pinned AShley Sixx in a 4way match that also featured  Russian Bear Boris Brezhnev and El Generico.

ROH Nov.13 results

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Mississauga had its long awaited return of Ring of Honor wrestling this weekend.  A packed house witnessed a pretty solid card w/the results as follows.

in a dark match Danny Duggan and Kama kazE beat Rip Impact and Ashley Sixx

Bobby Dempsey and Grizzly Redwood beat Zack Gowen (w/Truth Martini) and Mike Elgin who turned on his one legged partner after the match.

Mark Briscoe beat Andy Ridge some loud chops in this one.

Sara Del Rey w/KOW beat Jamilia Craft

Rhett Titus an Kenny King beat Colt Cabana and El Generico after Kevin Steen interfered.  Whos upcoming match is now a match without honor.

Adam Cole and Kyle Oreily beat the Bravado Brothers

Homicide beat Jay Briscoe in my motn

Kings Of Wrestling defended there ROH titles against Kevin Steen and Steve Corino

and in the main event ROH champ RODERICK STRONG pinned Chris Daniels in a solid bout.

Chris Hero interview

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I got to speak with Chris Hero for a short time about his plans ROH his international matches and other shit.

Steve Corino interview

Posted in interviews, Ont.indy on November 7, 2010 by wtfhwrestling

Touching on subjects like his upcoming match in Mississauga his injuries and his favorite move the bumthumb.

CWI Fall Brawl results/review

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Lots of fans were VERY excited or at least intrigued by this show before hand some knowing what to expect some not so much.  I fell into the latter category.  I bought a 60$ VIP pass like alot of people and when it was time for the backstage tour the guide said he couldn’t do it because of wheelchair restraints…what an asshole lol.    I found the promoter though and he straightened us out check out the Corino interview in the next post.   The venue was a sports arena filled with people probably close to 2000  rammed in.   As far as matches go

Rip Impact beat Anthony Darko after a sliced bread number 2

Tyson Dux beat Son Of Doink then said anyone who bought a pic with him is a moron and we all cheered which lead to Tyson questioning what kind of fake white guy was going to come out to be Tatanka.  Which lead Tatanka out for a face to face confrontation building to the co-main event.

Rico Montana over Colin Delaney…I was chanting Olsen Twins a little in this match.

Turcan Celik w/Dawn Marie beat RJ City who was escorted by the Slamwow girls whoever they may be..they were quickly bumrushed away by Dawn Marie and the match started.  Finishing with the big turk pinning RJ after he got slapped by Dawn Marie for trying to get a kiss.

X Pac beat Sebastian Suave in what was one of my favorite matches of the night despite not being big on Xpac.   I liked chanting 1 2 3 kid though thats the retro goodness I’m looking for and BOOTY MAN chants those are good too.

The Flatliners won the 4way tag title match eliminating the NEW AGE OUTLAWS who defeated the Highlanders before that who defeated the TEXAS Hellrazors before that phew.   Not really my kind of match but the crowd was hot for the Outlaws.

In the intermission I took a backstage tour meeting lots of Ontario workers I usually just walk past amongst some better known talent.  Seeing the locker room area really showed what CWI is trying to do present the best of today and yesterdays stars in wrestling and I can’t fault them for that.  Hiring that fat commentator well…lol.

After intermission Steve Corino took on Micheal Elgin in a rugged match with Steve Corino barely coming out on top.  This could be MOTN to some.

Big Daddy Donnie of the O show came out and announced Jim Duggan who came out and made some funny faces and yelled HOO jus as we all expected.  Big daddy Hammer came out tried talking but got deafened by HOOO’s so gave up and eventually lost after some signature Dugganery(lol).

Tyson Dux lost to Tatanka after a papoose to go.  This was my MOTN and it probably will look good for the tv show they were taping.

and in the main a match for the CWI world title Scott Steiner(substituting for Sid Justice)wrestled the belt away from former champ Brutus The Barber Beefcake.  Who had pics of the Disciple to sign which I thought was pretty funny.  Booty man chants were this matches highlights.  At the end Steiners manager threw him something to hit Brutus with  after the ref got bumped and Steiner thugged out a win.  Tatanka ever the boyscout came out and snitched on Steiner but not reversing any decisions so the Brutus and Tatanka cut(scalped?!?!nah) a bunch of the managers hair off.   All in all a good night there should’ve been beer and Brutus shouldnt’ve gotten his nipples pierced those are my final thoughts hope yall enjoyed it.

Halloween pics/Hamilton Zombie walk

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   Whats up hope y’all had a good Halloween.  My daughter got three bags of candy and only ONE Reese peanut butter cup.  You stingey parents out there need to step your candy game up and stop hording the good stuff.   We also went out to the HAMILTON ZOMBIE WALK we took five minutes each to dress lots of people pictured took ALOT longer then that.   I was walking around w/a rey Jr mask w/a zombie mask alot of random kids downtown popped seeing the mask.  One random trick or treater saw my other lucha mask and teeth and let out a loud WHAT THE HECK.  Pretty funny almost a WTFH well good enough for me I guess.   My mask had tassles and was kinda PREDATOR like w/a dress shirt.  I was tryna be the SEXUAL PREDATOR lol.  Me and my boys wrestled in the streets and lawns alot rocking lucha masks and handin out candy.  Best spot was I dropped a pumpkin on his head an smashed it with a chair I would post the vid but it came out too dark 😦