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Lesnar lost…

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    But at least he still goes home to this.  O wait these pics are from ten years ago well at least hes still got that goofy beard right?


CWI Nov.6th update

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  Added to the starstudded bill are Scott Steiner BIG POPPA PUMP,Road Dogg Jesse James and Hacksaw Duggan if there weren’t enough reasons to head out to Caledonia that night.

Tyson Dux on ROH/Japan and BM’s?

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  Another fine show from Max Pro wrestling was held today(Oct.24 2010)for a college class seemingly about pro wrestling.  Seems interesting enough but I’d rather go to that school that teaches about Tupac.  Nah I’d rather go to a school that recognizes merit to say the Shiek or Bull whip johnson but I might be nuts for that.  These people must have shared the same sentiment cuz they all came out and wrote papers booed and cheered.  The front row was all couches that was my favorite part before the bell even rang.   Results are..

Brian YoungBlood beat Tomer Shalom

Brent B beat Phil Atlas

Tiberious King beat Primo Scorduci(sp)

Robbie Macallister beat Jake O’reilly…Robbie crashed on my couch after the match and swigged my beer pretty solid bout.


Courtney Rush beat Hayley Rogers(i think lol)picture dis Hayler applying a Brock lock the irony was not lost on this smart mark.

Crazzy Steve and Tyler Tirva beat Sean Spears and Jon Bolen  ..Tirva and Spears ended up on the floor a couple times in this one.  Tirva flew out of the ring n slightly knocked my beer so I said WAY TO SPILL MY BEER and he said NO I spilled my BODY..kinda humorous.

Max Pro triple crown champ Tyson Dux beat Anthony Fiasco or might have lost by dq lol..the highlight of this one for me was Tyson and Fiasco going back n forth w/chops for what seemed like a minute and a half in the end Bolen came out and helped Tyson they beat up Fiasco for a minute before Highlander ROBBIE came back out for the save.  Bolen asked if we wanted a tag match now we all cheered we did and they left in true heel fashion.

A hot show from start to finish especially with the Brock students ready to yell at everything they should.

Twins Wrestling Ent. results from Oct.21

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Jonathan Links beat Kryss Thorn after a senton..Links was advertised as fresh off Samurai tv

Doink and Farmer Pete fought to a double disqualification after they wouldn’t stop groping ref Jimmy Korderas butt.

Brent B,Rip Impact and Anthony Fiasco beat Ashley Sixx,Tomer Shalom and Marcus Marquez.  After Brent hit a ultimo dragon style slice bread#2.  Sixx took a couple loud bumps on the rampway as the only highlight i can come up w/for this one besides the finish.

Nikolai Volkoff pinned Vladimir Urkov in a 3way with Boris Bresnev who looked on as Volkoff pinned Urkov.   Supposedly not wanting to win.  Weird moment that one.

TWE champ FLESH w/Jason Sensation beat  Big Brian Youngblood

Celine Jian w/Paul Heyman beat Iron Shiek jr w/Iron Shiek

Bushwhacker Luke beat Kris Chambers after battering ramming Chambers w/Jimmy Korderas bald head.  Chambers looked alot better then the last time I saw him and had the people behind me saying he should be in the wwe.  Then again they were blown away w/Fleshs athleticism lol.  All in all a fun show for kids no doubt.  I didn’t video anything but pics will be up soon nuff.


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MAX PRO WRESTLING from Woodstock

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Oct.17th quick results  Adam Jacobs over Primo,Phil Atlas over Jake O’Reilly,Boris Bresnev beat Anthony Fiasco and Brad FREAKIN Martin in a 3way,Brent B pinned Sean Spears,Val Venis beat Jon Bolen,Crazzy Steve and Extremo aka  EXTREMELY CRAZY beat Tiberious King and Kiyoshi after a misfired Kiyoshi misting hit his partner,Robbie Macallister and Traci Brooks beat Hayley Rogers and Tyson Dux   Stay tuned for video in part 2.